Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi

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Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi (乾坤大挪移) is a martial art of Persian origin, being the highest level martial art of the Western Regions. It can only learn by the leader of the Ming Cult. The martial art consists of seven levels. Generally speaking, an exceptionally talented person would need 7 years to complete the 1st level. Someone with lesser talents would need 14 years. The same goes for the 2nd level. If a practitioner has not made any improvements after 21 years, he must not try to train the method of the 3rd stage.


The principle of Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi is to manipulate the natural energy streams within the human body. The practitioner uses his own internal power to stimulate and manipulate the energy inside his body, breaking through various energy points. The method of channeling the internal power is extremely complex, and only a minor mistake might kill the practitioner. This is the reason Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi demands the practitioner to have a great amount of cultivated internal energy Shen Gong: he or she needs great power to work with (channel) and great power to protect himself or herself (his or hers internal organs etc). In the 4th level, the practitioner will shift the natural energies around in his body, and his own blood flow be redirected, and his body will suddenly appear red or green. This continues up until the 7th level, in which the entire energy flow will be balanced again, and the practitioner will appear normal.

As Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi practitioner manipulated, shifted and changed his or her energy in every way possible, he or she is able to see the energy fields and power generated by his or her opponents in action, and identify or pinpoint the energy flows in their movements. He or she then can use his or her own, energy to manipulate the power of his or her opponents.


  • 1st Level: The First Sacred Flame
  • 2nd Level: Only To Honor Myself
  • 3rd Level: Liberate Heaven and Earth
  • 4th Level: Absorb Powerful Evil Spirit
  • 5th Level: Shift Across the Sky
  • 6th Level: Heaven and Earth Return to One
  • 7th Level: Unbounded Mind Method