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The Dog Beating Stick Technique has eight main principles - Trip, Block, Trap, Poke, Pick, Lure, Steal and Turn.

  • Trap technique, to make the stick like a vine winding round a tree; no matter how the tree grows in width, the vine would not be separated from the tree.
  • Turn technique, to force the opponent to follow himself, but causing the opponent to see a mass of flashes and shadows. This will make the opponent to leave no room to escape.
  • Lure technique, to borrow opponent's force up to 90% if its momentum.
  • Pick technique, to pick opponent's weapon while using its momentum and toss it upward.
  • Trip technique, to make the stick movements in continuous fashion like the flow of the river until hitting the opponent is succeeded. It contains many variations.

The Strokes

  • Stick Hits Dog’s Head
  • Flipping Up and Cutting the Dog’s Butt
  • Dog's Back Slant Beating
  • Poke Back Dog Butt
  • Stirring Rash Dog
  • No Mercy Stick Poke
  • No Dogs Under Heaven
  • Stick Beats Two Dogs
  • Hitting the Dog's Back From The Side
  • Snatching the Stick From the Dog's Mouth
  • To Push the Dog to Lower its Head
  • Cutting Off A Vicious Dog’s Path
  • Pressure on the Dog’s Back
  • Facing the Dog to the Sky