Zhu Cong

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Zhu Cong was a middle aged downtrodden looking scholar. He looked very relaxed and lackadaisical. Zhu Cong seemed to smile but not really which gave him the curious look. He walked like he dragged his feet. He was covered with dirt and oil and his clothing was a mess. He had an old broken black oil paper fan in his hand that he fanned himself as he walked. His martial arts were the 2nd best next to Ke Zhen'E. Zhu Cong is the 2nd brother of the Seven Freaks of JiangNan.

Zhu Cong was best at trickery and illusions and that was where the nickname "Magical Hands Scholar" came from. He was always full of ideas and his actions were often pure clever.


  • Family name: Zhu (朱)
  • Given name: Cong (聰)
  • Nickname: Magical Hands Scholar (妙手书)(Pinyin: miào shǒu shū)
  • Gender: Male
  • Disciple: Guo Jing
  • Weapon: An old broken black oil paper iron fan

Zhu Cong's Martial Arts

  • Miao Shou Kong Kong Zhi Ji (妙手空空之技) - Magical Pick-Pocket skills - A skill that can steal anything on the person without the victim realized.
  • Fan Attacking Techniques
  • Pressure Points Attacking Techniques
  • Vacant Emptiness Fists
  • Fen Jing Cuo Gu Shou - Spliting the Muscles and Rearranging the Bones Techniques, including a move called Zhuang Shi Duan Wan (Strong Soldier Breaks the Wrist)
  • Xiao Yu Jie Yi (Jokes Will Undo the Jaws Attacking Techniques)