Zhang A'Sheng

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Originally from south of the YangTze, Zhang A'Sheng was big and tall man at least 130 or 140 kilograms (around 285 to 308 lbs). He looked like a butcher. He wore an apron around his waist. His body was naturally oily and the top of his shirt was open, revealing some of what must be a chest full of hair. His sleeves were all rolled up as well and his arms were covered with black hair that was several centimeters long and hanging from his waist was a foot-long knife. In battle, Zhang A'Sheng would shout and scream all kinds of street talk and all in his south YangTze accent. He is the 5th brother of the Seven Freaks of JiangNan.

In his martial arts training Zhang A'Sheng trained his body specifically to strengthen the toughness of his skin. The fact that he liked to wrestle with wild bulls and buffaloes for work and as a hobby, Zhang A'Sheng’s body was covered with a layer of thick and hard muscles, which resembled the thick skin of bulls.


  • Family name: Zhang (張)
  • Given name: A'Sheng (阿生)
  • Nickname: Smiling Buddha (笑弥陀) (Pinyin: xiào mí tuó)
  • Gender: Male
  • Disciple: Guo Jing
  • Love interest: Han XiaoYing
  • Weapon: Butcher knife

Zhang A'Sheng's Martial Arts

  • Shuang Zhang Yi Shan (双掌移山) - Mountain Moving Double Palms - a fast and quick powerful palms style. It required great external strength.
  • Opening the Windows to View the Moon techniques