Yue Nu Jian Fa

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In the last years of the Spring and Autumn era, the states Yue and Wu were mortal enemies. The King of the state of Yue, Gou Qian, in order to remind himself of the shame of defeat and to motivate himself to excel, tortured himself by sleeping on a straw bed and tasting everyday a gall-bladder that he hung from the ceiling. Nevertheless, the King of Wu had a general under him named Wu TzuShi who, being a disciple of Sun-Tze’s school of war, was a great tactician and trainer. Seeing that his army was still no match for his enemy’s, Gou Qian got more and more depressed. One day, a beautiful young girl with amazing sword skills suddenly appeared inside the Yue borders. Happy beyond words, Gou Qian immediately asked her to teach his soldiers her skills and was finally able to defeat the Wu army because of it. JiaXing, being the meeting place between the two states, was a place where several battles occurred. It was no surprise that the entire sword technique was passed down in this area. The only problem was that the sword skill was designed to be most effective on the battlefield. It was mostly used to chop down numerous soldiers and bringing down horses in a crowd. It was not nimble or agile enough when used against martial arts practitioners in the martial world. It was only in the last days of the Tang dynasty that this sword technique received a much needed upgrade from a swordplay genius from this area. This sword master made the moves much more complex and speedier.


  • The Lightning Illuminates the Big Sky
  • White Mist on the Stream
  • The Phoenix Nods it’s Head, feinted towards the enemy’s left armpit; then, moving to the side, raised the tip of the sword for a quick and precise thrust, aimed at his eyes.
  • The Branch Hits the White Gorilla, it was necessary to leap, make two turns with the sword before straightening it to attack.
  • The Phoenix Flies off and the Snake Bounds