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*Shen Dao : divine way
*Shen Dao : divine way
*Shen Guan : kidney pass
*Shen Tang : divine hall
*Shen Tang : divine hall
*Shen Zhu : life pillar
*Shen Zhu : life pillar
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*Wei Zhong Zue: middle bend, located between the tendons of biceps femoris and semitendinosis.
*Wei Lu : tail gate
*Wei Zhong Zue : middle bend, located between the tendons of biceps femoris and semitendinosis.

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Wuxia Acupoint (针灸穴位)


  • Bai Hai : white ocean, inside right leg
  • Bai Hui : hundred joints, head area
  • Bi Ru : scholar's arm, in the arm area


  • Chong Yang Xue : five inches from the instep of the foot. It's also called 'Flushing Out the Sun'.


  • Da Zhui Xue : big spine, in the neck area
  • Dai Mai : band/belt arteries/channels group consisted of eight acupoints
  • Di Cang : earthen storehouse, around the side of the mouth
  • Du Mai : supervised arteries or channels


  • Feng Chi : wind reservoir
  • Feng Fu : wind manor
  • Feng Wei : phoenix tail


  • Hou Ding : rear peak acupoint located about a little over 1/8 of an inch behind the Bai Hui acupoint


  • Jian Shen Xue : shoulder chaste acupoint
  • Jin : forehead area
  • Ji Zhong : spine's central located by the waist area
  • Ju Gu : gigantic bone
  • Ju Que : gigantic capital


  • Ling Tai : soul platform


  • Nao Hu : brain door


  • Qi Jing Ba Mai - eight extraordinary channels
  • Qiang Jian : powerful space
  • Qu Chi : crooked reservoir
  • Qu Xhi : song reservoir


  • Ren Mai : assigned arteries/channels group consisting of twenty-five acupoints


  • Shen Dao : divine way
  • Shen Guan : kidney pass
  • Shen Tang : divine hall
  • Shen Zhu : life pillar


  • Tai Yang : sun acupoint
  • Tao Dao : pottery way/pleasing talk located in the back area
  • Tian Zhu : sky pillar, pillar of heaven


  • Wei Lu : tail gate
  • Wei Zhong Zue : middle bend, located between the tendons of biceps femoris and semitendinosis.


  • Xiao Guo : right hip area
  • Xiao Yao Xue : laugh waist acupoint


  • Yang Chi : positive pond, back of the palm
  • Yang Wei Mai : positive preserved arteries/channels consisting of thirty-two acupoints
  • Yin Wei Mai : negative preserved arteries/channels consisting of fourteen acupoints
  • Ying Xiang : welcoming fragrance, around the nose area
  • Yong Quan : bursting fountain, located at the center of the sole of the foot


  • Zhang Men : section gate or sealing gate, located on the 11th ribs on the left chest
  • Zhi Yang : most positive
  • Zhong Fu : central treasury, part of the lung meridian located on the left shoulder near the shoulder blade