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The Wudang Sect (simplified Chinese: 武当派; traditional Chinese: 武當派; pinyin: Wǔ Dāng Paì) is located at the peak of Wudang Mountains (simplified Chinese: 武当山; ancient Chinese: 武當山; Pinyin: Wǔdāng Shān). Wudang Mountains are a small range of mountains in Hubei (湖北) province and it's also known as Wu TangShan or simply Wudang. Wudang Sect is founded in the early Yuan Dynasty by Zhang SanFeng (張三豐). It is one of the most famous and highly-recognized orthodox and righteous sects or martial art schools in the Wulin. Wudang and Shaolin are often hailed by pugilists in the Wulin as the leaders of all orthodox sects. Its members are mostly Taoist priests who practiced Taoism apart from martial arts. However, unlike the Buddhist monks from Shaolin, they are allowed to marry and have children.

Wudang Sect - 武當派
Founded : Early Yuan Dynasty
Location : Province of HuBei (湖北)
Characteristics : Taoist philosophy, internal skills, most famous origin of Taichi, and also its swordsmanship. The founder was Zhang SanFeng (張三豐). Rose to fame quickly to become an equal to Shaolin in terms of prestige and respect for its martial arts.


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