Tian Gang Bei Dou Zhen

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The Big Dipper Formation was QuanZhen Sect's highest and most mysterious martial art, developed by Wang ChongYang with countless meticulous care. The main principle was combining forces in combat with a wide range of variations; it might even be used in the battlefield. When the enemy attacked, the one directly bearing the brunt did not need to exert any energy to resist; it was the companions on his/her flanks who would launch the counterattack. It was as if one person with several people's martial art; the power was truly irresistible.

One thing the formation tries to do is to lure the enemy to attack the one leading the formation, each small formation will use this and come from the east and west, the south attacking the north, the enemy would then fall into their trap. When the formation counterattack, the two palms that are attacking are complementing one another, one with "Yin" (Negative energy) and the other with "Yang" (Positive energy). The power generated by the joined internal strength are much stronger than two people added together.


The strongest aspect of the Big Dipper Formation is being able to respond from the left and right, mutually aiding each other on both defensive and offensive stances. They channeled their internal energy interlinked their palms from one to another.

The Head of the Constellation:

  • Ma Yu at the 'Tian Shu' [sky pivot]
  • Tan ChuDuan at the 'Tian Xuan' [sky jade/gem]
  • Liu ChuXuan at the 'Tian Ji' [sky pearl]
  • Qiu ChuJi at the 'Tian Quan' [sky power/authority]

The Handle of the Big Dipper:

  • Wang ChuYi at the 'Yu Heng' [jade (measuring) weight]
  • Hao DaTong at the 'Kai Yang' [open sun]
  • Sun Bu'Er at 'Yao Guang' [shaking ray (of light)]