The Smiling, Proud Wanderer

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The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
3rd Edition XAJH
3rd edition cover page
Book Information
Author Jin Yong (金庸)
Original Title Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (笑傲江湖)
Publication Date 1967
Media Type Hardcover
Country Hong Kong
Publisher Ming Pao
Chapters 40
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There are 40 Chapters in the 2nd and 3rd editions of this work, each chapter has a two-character title:

  1. 灭门 Family Massacre
  2. 聆秘 Eavesdropping
  3. 救难 The Rescue
  4. 坐斗 Seat-fighting
  5. 治伤 Healing
  6. 洗手 Hand-washing
  7. 授谱 The Music Score
  8. 面壁 Meditation
  9. 邀客 Invitation
  10. 传剑 Sword Training
  11. 聚气 Energy Streams
  12. 围攻 The Siege
  13. 学琴 Learning Music
  14. 论杯 Wine Cups
  15. 灌药 The Medicine
  16. 注血 Gaining Blood
  17. 倾心 In Love
  18. 联手 Collaboration
  19. 打赌 The Wager
  20. 入狱 Imprisonment
  21. 囚居 Prisoner
  22. 脱困 Escape
  23. 伏击 Ambush
  24. 蒙冤 False Accusation
  25. 闻讯 Information
  26. 围寺 Besiege the Temple
  27. 三战 Three Fights
  28. 积雪 Snowmen
  29. 掌门 Headmaster
  30. 密议 Secret Meeting
  31. 绣花 Embroidering
  32. 并派 Merger
  33. 比剑 Sword Fight
  34. 夺帅 Seize the Leadership
  35. 复仇 Vengeance
  36. 伤逝 Mourning
  37. 迫娶 Forced Marriage
  38. 聚歼 Annihilation
  39. 拒盟 No Treaty
  40. 曲谐 Harmony



Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance

Mount Hua Sect

Qi faction
  • Ning Zhongze (寧中則|宁中则|Nìng Zhōngzé), nicknamed "Heroine Ning" (寧女俠) or Jade Maiden of Huashan (华山玉女). She is Yue Buqun's chivalrous and kindly wife. She regards Linghu Chong as a son and is also the only person who believes his innocence in the theft of the Evil Resisting Sword Art Manual. She loses her will to live after seeing her husband reveal his true colors and learning of her daughter's death, and eventually commits suicide out of guilt of her husband's actions.
  • Lao Denuo (勞德諾|劳德诺; Láo Dénuò), nicknamed "Old Man Sa" (薩老頭). He is Yue Buqun's second disciple. He is actually a spy sent by Zuo Lengshan to steal the 'Violet Twilight Secret Manual' from Yue Buqun. He was Zuo Lengchan's 3rd disciple. He murders Lu Dayou. After Zuo Lengshan's death, he attempts to learn the Evil Resisting Sword Art on his own but fails and ends up losing all his inner energy. He was punished to be with a shrewdness of apes at Mount Hua at the end of the novel.
  • Liang Fa (梁發|梁发; Liáng Fā)- He is a big and tall. He is Yue Buqun's third apprentice. He is killed by the masked assailants sent by Zuo Lengchan who attacked the Mount Hua Sect's members at Buddha of the Herb Monastery in Weilin.
  • Shi Daizi (施戴子|Shī Dàizǐ) is Yue Buqun's fourth apprentice. Yue Lingshan thought of him as the most gentleman out of the apprentices.
  • Gao Genming (高根明|Gāo Gēnmíng) is Yue Buqun's fifth apprentice. Disguised as a merchant with abacus on his hand at the beginning of the novel.
  • Lu Dayou (陸大有|陆大有; Lù Dàyǒu) is Yue Buqun's sixth apprentice. He is nicknamed "Monkey-Six" (六猴兒) for his monkey-like behavior and affinity with primates. He is very close to Linghu Chong and even once stole their master's 'Violet Twilight Secret Manual' to help his senior recover from his injuries. He is murdered by Lao Denuo.
  • Tao Jun (陶鈞|陶钧|Táo Jūn) is Yue Buqun's seventh apprentice.
  • Ying Bailuo (英白羅|英白罗|Yīng Báiluó) is Yue Buqun's eighth apprentice. He is killed by his master outside the Lin family residence in Fuzhou.
  • Shu Qi (舒奇|Shū Qí) is the youngest among Yue Buqun's apprentices.

Sword faction
  • Feng Qingyang (風清揚|风清扬|Fēng Qīngyáng) is an elderly swordsman from the Mount Hua Sect's Sword faction (劍宗). During the sect's internal conflict, he was lured away by the Qi faction, who used the opportunity to defeat and force the Sword faction into exile. Feeling disgraced for being deceived, he leaves the sect and leads a reclusive life in a secluded area on Mount Hua. He meets Linghu Chong by chance and teaches him the 'Nine Swords of Dugu' despite the latter belongs to the Qi faction, being impressed with Linghu Chong's good character and intelligence.
  • Feng Buping (封不平|Fēng Bùpíng) - he is a yellowish faced man and, he is the leader of the Sword faction. After being instigated by Zuo Lengshan, he returns to Mount Hua to challenge Yue Buqun for the position of leadership of their sect, but is defeated by Linghu Chong and driven away.
  • Cheng Buyou (成不憂|成不忧|Chéng Bùyōu) is Feng Buping's junior. He is torn into four pieces by the "Six Immortals of the Peach Valley".
  • Cong Buqi (叢不棄|丛不弃|Cóng Bùqì)- He is about fifty years old. He is Feng Buping's junior. He is defeated by Linghu Chong during the siege at the Buddha of Herb Temple.

Mount Song Sect

  • Mount Song 13 Grand Protectors (嵩山十三太保):
    • Ding Mian (丁勉|Dīng Miǎn)- he is the second martial brother of Zuo Lengchan. He is nicknamed "Pagoda-Bearing Palm" (托塔手). He was fat and tall with sturdy shoulder about fifty years old.
    • Lu Bai (陸柏|陆柏|Lù Bǎi) - he is the third martial brother of Zuo Lengchan. He is nicknamed "Heavenly Crane Hand" (仙鶴手). He is described as tall and thin.
    • Fei Bin (費彬|费彬|Fèi Bīn)- he is the fourth martial brother of Zuo Lengchan. He is nicknamed "Great Songyang Palm" (大嵩陽手). He was characterized as rather rude, bossy, and arrogant. He was in his forties, thin with medium height and ugly mustaches under his nose. He was killed by Mo Da outside the wall of Hengshan.
    • Yue Hou (樂厚|乐厚|Yuè Hòu), nicknamed "Great Yin-Yang Palm" (大陰陽手). He is about fifty years old, short and chubby with yellowish fat face. He was one of the martial artists who attack Xiang Wentian at Mount Song's roadside pavilion. Linghu Chong comes to Xiang Wentian's aid and injures Yue Hou.
    • Zhong Zhen (鍾鎮|钟镇|Zhōng Zhèn), nicknamed "Nine Sections Sword" (九曲劍).
    • Tang Ying'e (湯英鶚|汤英鹗; Tāng Yīng'è), nicknamed "Red and White Sword" (紅白劍).
    • Zhao Sihai (赵四海|Zhào Sìhǎi) - old short person. He along with Zhang and Sima led Mount Song Sect men to trap Dingxian and Dingyi of (North) Mount Heng Sect at Dragon Spring Sword-forging Valley. They were well-known around Hebei in the past.
    • Zhang Jingchao (张敬超|Zhāng Jìngchāo) - fat looking with short beard. He along with Zhao and Sima were defeated by Linghu Chong. They were sent by Zuo Lengchan to ambush Dingxian and Dingyi entourage.
    • Sima De (司马德|Sī mǎ Dé) - thin and tall old man with dark complexion and bright-looking eyes. He along with Zhang and Zhao ran amok in Hebei province prior to join Mount Song Sect.
    • Bu Chen (卜沉|Bǔ Chén), nicknamed "White Haired Old Immortal" (白頭仙翁). He is about fifty years old. He and Sha Tianjiang were sent by Zuo Lengchan to acquire Evil Resisting Sword Art Manual from Lin Family's old house in Fuzhou. He is killed by Linghu Chong.
    • Sha Tianjiang (沙天江|Shā Tiānjiāng), nicknamed "Bald Eagle" (禿鷹). He is about fifty years old. He is killed by Linghu Chong in Fuzhou.
    • Deng Bagong (鄧八公|邓八公|Dèng Bāgōng), nicknamed "Divine Whip" (神鞭).
    • Gao Kexin (高克新|Gāo Kèxīn), nicknamed "Bright Hair Lion" (錦毛獅).
  • Shi Dengda (史登達|史登达|Shǐ Dēngdá) - he is a tall man with a nicknamed "Thousand Zhang Pine" (千丈松). He is killed by Zuo Lengchan during the special assembly.
  • Wan Daping (萬大平|万大平|Wàn Dàpíng) is Shi Dengda's junior.
  • Wan Deping (万登平|Wàn dēngpíng) - he killed Liu Zhengfeng's daughter, Liu Jing.
  • Di Xiu (狄修|Dí Xīu) is one of Zuo Lengchan's apprentices. He is killed by his master during the special assembly.

(North) Mount Heng Sect

  • The Three Elder Nuns are the leaders of the Mount Heng Sect (恆山派). They are:
    • Dingjing (定靜|定静|Dìngjìng) is the most senior of the trio, but she willingly gives up the position of leadership to her junior, Dingxian. Zuo Lengshan sends his henchmen to ambush her and force her to let the (North) Mount Heng Sect be absorbed into the Mount Song Sect. She refuses to capitulate and dies from her wounds before Linghu Chong can save her.
    • Dingxian (定閒|定闲|Dìngxián) is the benevolent and wise leader of the sect. She is mortally wounded by a masked attacker (later revealed to be Yue Buqun) in Shaolin Monastery. Before dying, she passes on her leadership position to Linghu Chong.
    • Dingyi (定逸|Dìngyì) she is tall and the master of White Cloud Nunnery atop of the Mount North Heng. She is the most junior of the trio and the most hot-tempered one. She and Dingxian are murdered by a masked Yue Buqun in Shaolin.
  • The four senior apprentices:
    • Yihe (儀和|仪和|Yíhé) is the most senior of the sect's members of the Yi generation. Linghu Chong thought her temper does not match with her Buddhist name (peaceful).
    • Yiqing (儀清|仪清|Yíqīng) is Yihe's junior and Linghu Chong's chosen successor in leadership.
    • Yizhen (儀真|仪真|Yízhēn) is Dingjing's apprentice. She delivers medicine to Yue Lingshan in Fuzhou.
    • Yizhi (儀質|仪质|Yízhì) is Dingjing's apprentice.
  • Qin Juan (秦絹秦绢|Qín Juàn) is a secular apprentice of Dingjing. She is between 15 to 16 years old making her the youngest apprentice of Mount Heng Sect. She is clever and bright and loved by her master.
  • Yiguang (仪光) she is a middle-aged nun. She is tasked to look for Yiwen and Yu Sao to Mount Hua Sect.
  • Yikong (仪空)along with Yiguang went to Mount Hua Sect to look for Yiwen and Yu Sao.
  • Yiqing (儀清|仪清|Yíqīng) is Yihe's junior and Linghu Chong's chosen successor in leadership.
  • Yiling (儀靈|仪灵|Yílíng) accompanies Yizhen to deliver medicine to Yue Lingshan.
  • Yiwen (儀文|仪文|Yíwén) is Dingxian's 2nd apprentice. She's a middle-aged nun. She and Yu Sao were held captive by Yue Buqun.
  • Yu Sao (于嫂|Yú sǎo) is a forty years old middle-aged woman. She was originally Dingxian's servant from Mount Heng's Baiyun Temple. Later, Dingxian saw that she was capable and accepted her as a disciple. She was held captive by Yue Buqun when she went to Mount Hua to deliver epistle.
  • Zheng E (鄭萼|郑萼|Zhèng È) is a secular member of the Mount Heng Sect. She had a round face and was always carrying a smile. She was good at talking and very likeable. Whenever the nuns had to deal with people on the road, Zheng E was always the one to do it. She is about twenty-one or twenty-two years old.
  • Yijing (仪净|Yijìng) - Yilin's senior martial sister.

(South) Mount Heng Sect

  • Mo Da (莫大|Mò Dà) is an old, tall, and thin man with a badly arched back. He is the mysterious leader of the Mount Heng Sect (衡山派). His nicknamed "Night Rain of Xiaoxiang" (潇湘夜雨) because he is known for playing melancholic tunes on a huqin, where his sword is concealed. His swordplay techniques, which correspond with music themes, are very fast and unpredictable. He is the sole surviving person from his sect at the end of the novel.
  • Lu Zhengrong (鲁正荣|Lǔ Zhèngróng)- His eyes were almost completely yellow and thus is nicknamed "Golden-eyed Eagle" (金眼雕). He is the first generation of South Hengshan Sect. He was part of entourage sent to Mount Hua bu Zuo Lengchan. People in Jiang Hu dubbed him "Golden-eyed Crow" (金眼乌鸦) due to his nature to gossip and annoyance to everyone.
Liu family
  • Liu Zhengfeng (劉正風|刘正风|Liú Zhèngfēng), nicknamed "Third Master Liu" (劉三爺), is Mo Da's junior. He is a short, fat and middle-aged man. He plays the Dizi and befriends Qu Yang of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, who shares the same passion for music with him. The duo compose the music piece Xiaoao Jianghu (笑傲江湖) together. He intends to leave the wulin and invites fellow martial artists to witness his retirement ceremony. During the event he is confronted by Zuo Lengshan and his followers and comes under attack. While fleeing together with Qu Yang, he meets Linghu Chong and passes him the music score for Xiaoao Jianghu. He and Qu then commit suicide by bursting their arteries with their inner energy.
  • Madam Liu (劉夫人|刘夫人|Liú Fūrén) is Liu Zhengfeng's wife. She is killed by Di Xiu.
  • Young Master Liu (劉公子|刘公子|Liú Gōngzǐ) is Liu Zhengfeng's elder son. He is killed by Di Xiu.
  • Liu Jing (劉菁|刘菁|Liú Jīng) is Liu Zhengfeng's daughter. She is killed by Wan Deping.
  • Liu Qin (劉芹|刘芹|Liú Qín) is Liu Zhengfeng's younger son.
  • Fang Qianju (方千駒|方千驹|Fāng Qiānjū) is Liu Zhengfeng's brother-in-law.
  • Xiang Danian (向大年|Xiàng Dànián) is Liu Zhengfeng's first apprentice. He is killed by Ding Mian.
  • Mi Weiyi (米為義|米为义; Mǐ Wéiyì) is Liu Zhengfeng's second apprentice.

Mount Tai Sect

  • Tianmen (天門|天门|Tiānmén) is the leader of the Mount Tai Sect (泰山派). He is betrayed and overthrown by Yujizi and others, who have been bribed by Zuo Lengshan, during the special assembly on Mount Song. He then fights with Qinghai Yixiao and perishes together with him.
  • Yujizi (玉磯子|玉矶子|Yùjīzǐ) is a junior of Tianmen's master. He has been bribed by Zuo Lengshan to seize his sect's leadership position from Tianmen during the special assembly. He debates with the "Six Immortals of the Peach Valley" on who should be the rightful leader of the alliance, and attempts to fight them. He ends up having his both arms and a leg chopped off by Zuo Lengchan in order to save his life.
  • Tiansong (天松|Tiānsōng) is Tianmen's junior. He is a long-bearded Taoist Priest. He is injured by Tian Boguang.
  • Tianbai (天柏|tiānbǎi) is Tianmen's junior. He lead a search for Linghu Chong at Hengyang.
  • Yuqingzi (玉磬子|Yùqìngzǐ) is a junior of Tianmen's master. He is killed in the cave on Mount Hua.
  • Yuyinzi (玉音子|Yùyīnzǐ) is a junior of Tianmen's master. He is killed in the cave on Mount Hua.
  • Jianchu (建除|Jiànchú) is Tianmen's second apprentice.
  • Chi Baicheng (遲百城|迟百城; Chí Bǎichéng) is one of Tianmen's apprentices. He is killed by Tian Boguang.
  • Tianyi (天乙|Tiānyì) is among the group of martial artists who attacked Xiang Wentian at Mount Song's roadside pavilion. Linghu Chong comes to Xiang Wentian's aid and knocks Tianyi unconscious.

Divine Sun Moon Sect

  • Xiang Wentian (向問天|向问天|Xiàng Wèntiān), nicknamed "Old Heavenly King" (天王老子). He has a thin looking face with a bush of sparse, gray beard, long enough to reach his chest. He is an elder of the cult. He is the Left Protector (向左使) of the Sect. After Dongfang Bubai overthrows Ren Woxing, he refuses to renounce his loyalty to Ren and hence becomes an outcast of the cult. Linghu Chong chances upon him while he is under attack by a group of "orthodox" martial artists, and helps him fend off the attackers. He feels grateful to Linghu Chong and decides to become sworn brothers with him after realizing that both of them share some common personality traits. He later becomes Ren Yingying's successor in leadership after she improves the cult's relations with other sects.
  • The following elders of the cult defected to Dongfang Bubai when Ren Woxing was overthrown. Ren Woxing returns to confront them after he escapes from captivity in Hangzhou's Plum Manor.
    • Bao Dachu (鮑大楚|鲍大楚|Bào Dàchǔ)- at Plum Manor, he was fed with Divine Three Corpse Brain pill by Ren Woxing.
    • Qin Weibang (秦偉邦|秦伟邦|Qín Wěibāng)- he was the sect's master of Jiangxi headquarter. Under Dongfang Bubai, he is the current sect's Ten Elders.
    • Wang Cheng (王誠|王诚|áng Chéng) - he was fat and short. Ren Woxing force him to take the Divine Three Corpse Brain pill.
    • Sang Sanniang (桑三娘|Sāng Sānniáng)- a middle-aged woman forced to take Divine Three Corpse Brain pill by Ren Woxong at Plum Manor. She is the current Heaven Wind Hall's Fragrant Master.

Four Hall Master

  • Green Dragon Hall (青龙堂)
    • Jia Bu (賈布|贾布|Jiǎ Bù), nicknamed "Honorable Yellow Face" (黃面尊者), is the master of the Green Dragon Hall. He has a thin face resembling a candle, and his two ‘Taiyang’ acupoints were very pronounced as if each point has a piece of peach underneath. Dongfang Bubai orders him to lead his subordinates to (North) Mount Heng to capture Linghu Chong. He is killed by Fangzheng.
  • White Tiger Hall (白虎堂)
    • Shangguan Yun (上官雲|上官云|Shàngguān Yún), nicknamed "Eagle Hero" (鵰俠), is the master of the White Tiger Hall. He has long arms, long legs, and an air of assured authority, had glittering bright eyes. He accompanies Jia Bu to (North) Mount Heng to capture Linghu Chong. He surrenders to Ren Woxing later.
  • Phoenix Hall (朱雀堂)
    • Elder Luo (罗长老|Luó zhǎng lǎo) – he was the master of the Phoenix Hall. He was loyal to Ren Woxing and refused to submit to Dongfang Bubai. Subsequently, he was killed by Tong Baixiong. No one else took over the position afterward.
  • Wind and Thunder Hall (风雷堂)
    • Tong Baixiong (童百熊|Tóng Bǎixióng) is the master of the cult's Wind and Thunder Hall and a close associate of Dongfang Bubai. He is pierced to death by Dongfang Bubai's needles.

Previous Elders

  • Zhang Chengyun (張乘雲|张乘云|Zhāng Chéngyún), nicknamed "White Ape Divine Demon" (白猿神魔), specialized in using pole weapons. He and Zhang Chengfeng were able to find the flaw of Mount Hua Sword Schools' sword art.
  • Zhang Chengfeng (張乘風|张乘风|Zhāng Chéngfēng), nicknamed "Golden Monkey Divine Demon" (金猴神魔), was Zhang Chengyun's brother. He also specialized in using pole weapons.
  • Fan Song (范松|Fàn Sōng), nicknamed "Great Strength Divine Demon" (大力神魔), specialized in using axes. He and Zhao He were able to find the flaw of Mount (North) Heng Sword School's sword art.
  • Zhao He (趙鶴|赵鶴|Zhào Hè), nicknamed "Sky Soaring Divine Demon" (飛天神魔), specialized in using clubs.

Qu family

  • Qu Yang (曲洋|Qū Yáng) is an elder of the cult who plays the guqin. He befriends Liu Zhengfeng, who shares the same passion for music as him, and composes the musical piece Xiaoao Jianghu with him. He commits suicide together with Liu Zhengfeng when both of them are cornered by Zuo Lengshan's followers. Before dying, he and Liu pass the score of Xiaoao Jianghu to Linghu Chong.
  • Qu Feiyan (曲非煙|曲非烟|Qū Fēiyān) is Qu Yang's granddaughter. She is also called Feifei. She is about thirteen or fourteen years old with skin as white as milk and a pretty little face. She is killed by Fei Bin.

Plum Manor

  • Four Playfellows of Jiangnan (江南四友) are a group of four eccentric martial artists hired by Dongfang Bubai to watch over Ren Woxing in the underground dungeon at Plum Manor (梅莊) in Hangzhou. They are:
    • Huangzhonggong (黃鍾公|黄钟公|Huángzhōnggōng) is a music fanatic who challenges Linghu Chong to a duel to obtain the score of Xiaoao Jianghu. His name was taken out of the first temperament of the “Twelve Temperaments” used in ancient music. Huangzhonggong is the lowest out of the twelve and all other temperaments are derived from it. He is proficient with "Seven String Invisible Sword" (七弦无形剑) martial art. He is forced to commit suicide by Ren Woxing.
    • Heibaizi (黑白子|Hēibáizǐ) is a weiqi fanatic with a pale face and dark hair. He is an expert in "Profound Heavenly Finger" (玄天指) martial art. He becomes a handicap after Linghu Chong uses the "Divine Art of Essence Absorbing" on him. He was killed by Ren Woxing.
    • Tubiweng (禿筆翁|秃笔翁|Tūbǐwēng) is a calligraphy fanatic who challenged Linghu Chong to a duel but lost. Proficient in "Stone-Drum Acupoint-Hitting-Brush" martial art (招石鼓打穴笔法); he is a bald, short and stout looking man. He is forced by Ren Woxing to surrender and consume a poison pill.
    • Danqingsheng (丹青生|Dānqīngshēng) nicknamed "Lord of the Three Arts" (称三绝). He is an alcohol addict and swordplay expert who befriends Linghu Chong over their common interest in alcoholic drinks. His name means "born to paint". He duels with Linghu but lost and is forced to surrender to Ren Woxing in the same manner as Tubiweng.
  • Ding Jian (丁堅|丁坚|Dīng Jiān), nicknamed "Straight Line Lightning Sword" (一字電劍), is a subordinate of the Four Playfellows. He specializes in using the sword with his "Straight Line Lightning Sword Art" (一字电剑)
  • Shi Lingwei (施令威|Shī Lìngwēi), nicknamed "Five Paths God" (五路神), is a subordinate of the Four Playfellows. He specializes in using the Eight Diagram Golden Saber (紫金八卦刀). He once defeated thirteen ring leaders of the Green Dragon Clan (青龙帮) of Han River in Hubei Province.

Other Members

  • Lüzhuweng (綠竹翁|绿竹翁; Lǜzhúwēng) is Ren Yingying's subordinate. He disguises himself as an old man who makes bamboo baskets in Luoyang. He is very skilled in playing the guqin. He took revenge for Linghu Chong against Wang Zhongqiang, Wang Jiajun, and Wang Jiaju.
  • Surnamed Bao (包某|Bāo mǒu) - in the absence of Dongfang Bubai, he is the look-alike double so that Yang Lianting can oversee the Sect's affairs.
  • Big Brother Lu (卢大哥|Lú dà gē) - one of the a group of the Sect's members who was injured by Yue Lingshan when they attempted to capture both Yue Lingshan and Lin Pinzhi at a snow hill. He eventually killed by Linghu Chong.
  • Shi Laosan (史老三|Shǐ lǎosān) - he was killed by Linghu Chong. He was one of the Sect's members who was stabbed by Yue Lingshan during their attempt to capture both she and Lin Pingzhi at a snow hill.
  • Min Lao'er (闵老二|Mǐn lǎo èr) - One of the Sect's members who attempted to capture both Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi at a snow hill. He was killed by Linghu Chong.

Shaolin Monastery

  • Fangzheng (方證|方证|Fāngzhèng) - He is a thin faced man with amiable look. He is the abbot of Shaolin. He is highly revered in the wulin for his prowess in martial arts and morally upright character. He believes Linghu Chong is destined to learn the skills in the Tendon Altering Sutra. Linghu Chong masters the skills and heals himself of his internal injuries in the process.
  • Fangsheng (方生|Fāngshēng) is Abbot Fangzheng's junior.
  • Huang Guobai (黃國柏|黄国柏|Huáng Guóbǎi) is killed by Ren Yingying.
  • Jueyue (覺月|觉月|Juéyuè) is killed by Ren Yingying.
  • Xin Guoliang (辛國樑|辛国樑|Xīn Guóliáng) - He is short and has a chest protruded like a drum. He has thunderous voice. He is killed by Ren Yingying at the Wuba Ridge.
  • Yi Guozi (易國梓|易国梓|Yì Guózǐ)- He is a middle-aged man and he is killed by Ren Yingying.

Wudang Sect

  • Chongxu (沖虚|冲虚|Chōngxū) is the leader of Wudang Sect. Like Fangzheng, he is highly respected in the wulin for his prowess in martial arts and morally upright character. While traveling in disguise as a farmer, he meets Linghu Chong and engages him in a friendly duel. He is impressed when Linghu Chong uses the 'Nine Swords of Dugu' to defeat his 'Taiji Swordplay'. He befriends Linghu Chong.
  • Qingxu (清虛|Qīngxū) is Chongxu's junior. He follows Chongxu around in disguise as a woodcutter.
  • Chenggao (成高|Chénggāo) is an apprentice of Chongxu's junior. He follows Chongxu around in disguise as a vegetable seller.

Kunlun Sect

  • Zhenshanzi (震山子|Zhènshānzǐ), nicknamed "One Sword of Heaven and Earth" (乾坤一劍) is the leader of Kunlun Sect. He attended the aftermath of Shaolin Monastery siege. Ren Woxing threatened to kill his grandson as a repercussion if the orthodox school leaders kill Ren Yingying.
  • Tan Diren (譚迪人|谭迪人|Tán Dírén) is accidentally killed from Linghu Chong's poisoned blood at Wuba Ridge (五霸岡).

Emei Sect

  • Jinguang (金光|Jīnguāng) - he is the headmaster of Emei Sect.
  • Songwen (松紋|松纹|Sōngwén) is a Taoist from the Emei Sect. He is scared away by Xiang Wentian's 'Minor Art of Essence Absorbing to the Ground' (吸功入地小法).

Beggars Clan

  • Xie Feng (解風|解风|Xiè Fēng) is the chief of the Beggars Clan. He was present at Shaolin Monastery siege aftermath.
  • Zhang Jin'ao (張金鰲|张金鳌|Zhāng Jīn'áo) is the deputy chief of the Beggars' Sect. He is among the guests at Liu Zhengfeng's retirement ceremony.
  • Green Lotus Emissary (青莲使者)- One of Xie Feng's illegitimate sons.
  • White Lotus Emissary (白莲使者)- The other Xie Feng's illegitimate son. He and his brother were on the list to be killed by Ren Woxing if any of the orthodox leaders killed Ren Yingying at the Shaolin Monastery.

Fortune Prestige Escort Agency

  • Lin Yuantu (林遠圖|林远图|Lín Yuǎntú) was the founder of the Fortune Prestige Escort Agency (福威鏢局). Previously a Shaolin monk known as Duyuan (渡元|Dùyuán), he returned to secular life and created the 'Evil Resisting Sword Art' based on Yue Su and Cai Zifeng's recollections of the 'Sunflower Manual'. Although his use of the 'Evil Resisting Sword Art' brought him fame and glory, it also became a curse to his descendants because it made them the target of many martial artists seeking to seize possession of the Evil Resisting Sword Art Manual and master the skill. He hid the manual in the Lin family residence in Fuzhou and passed down a family rule forbidding his descendants from seeking the manual and learning the swordplay.
  • Lin Zhennan (林震南|Lín Zhènnán) is a descendant of Lin Yuantu and Lin Pingzhi's father. He is the current leader of the agency. After his son, Lin Pingzhi, accidentally kills Yu Canghai's son in a brawl, Yu leads his Qingcheng Sect followers to attack the Lin family and destroy the agency. Lin Zhennan and his wife are captured by Yu Canghai, who resorts to various means to force them to reveal the whereabouts of the Evil Resisting Sword Art Manual, but they insist that they do not know. The couple are later captured by Mu Gaofeng, who tortures them to death.
  • Madam Lin (林夫人|Lin Fūrén) is Lin Zhennan's wife and Lin Pingzhi's mother. She is the daughter of Wang Yuanba.

House of Golden Saber

  • Wang Yuanba (王元霸|Wáng Yuánbà), nicknamed "Invincible Golden Saber" (金刀無敵), is the leader of the Golden Saber Sect (金刀門) in Luoyang. He is Lin Pingzhi's maternal grandfather.
  • Wang Bofen (王伯奮|王伯奋|Wáng Bófèn) is Wang Yuanba's eldest son. He is described as a tall person.
  • Wang Zhongqiang (王仲強|王仲强|Wáng Zhòngqiáng) is Wang Yuanba's second son. He is a chubby person.
  • Wang Jiajun (王家駿|王家骏|Wáng Jiājùn) is Wang Zhongqiang's eldest son.
  • Wang Jiaju (王家駒|王家驹|Wáng Jiājū) is Wang Zhongqiang's youngest son.
  • Adviser Yi (易師爺|易师爷|Yì Shīyé) is the Wang family's household accountant. He is a thin and short man in his fifties. He had a sparse goatee on his chin. He is also a musician.

Qingcheng Sect

  • Changqingzi (長青子|长青子|Chángqīngzǐ), nicknamed "Number One Sword in the West's Three Gorges" (三峡以西剑法第一). He was Yu Canghai's martial arts master. His name means "Evergreen"
  • The "Four Gentlemen of Qingcheng" (青城四秀) are four of Yu Canghai's most senior apprentices. Linghu Chong once called them the "Four Beasts of Qingcheng" (青城四獸) because of the wicked deeds they committed. The four are:
    • Hou Renying (侯人英|Hóu Rényīng) - His right hand was chopped off by Linghu Chong during the seize at the Mount Song's roadside pavilion. He is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
    • Hong Renxiong (洪人雄|Hóng Rénxióng) - He is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
    • Yu Renhao (于人豪|p=Yú Rénháo) is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
    • Luo Renjie (羅人傑|罗人杰|Luó Rénjié) is killed by Linghu Chong in an early chapter at the Huiyan Wine House.
  • Li Rencai (黎人才|Lí Réncái)- Luo Renjie's junior martial brother. He was with Luo at the Huiyan Wine House.
  • Fang Renzhi (方人智|Fāng Rénzhì) is stabbed to death by Lin Pingzhi.
  • Jia Renda (賈人達|贾人达|Jiǎ Réndá) is trampled to death by Lin Pingzhi's horse.
  • Ji Rentong (吉人通|Jí Réntōng) - he was a short and bald headed fat man. He humiliated Lin Pingzhi at Changsa's Fortune Prestige Escort Agency branch. He is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
  • Shen Renjun (申人俊|Shēn Rénjùn)- he was described as having a wild bush a beard. He plundered Changsa's Fortune Prestige Escort Agency branch. He along with Ji Renton were mocked at Gold Basin Hand Washing by Qu Yang.
  • Peng Renqi (彭人騏|彭人骐; Péng Rénqí) is killed by Tian Boguang at the Jade House in Hengshan.

Guests at Liu Zhengfeng's retirement ceremony

  • He Sanqi (何三七|Hé sān qī) is a rustic old man known for selling wonton. He is the headmaster of Mount Yandang (雁荡山). He Sanqi made a living by selling wontons when he was young. Even after he became proficient in the martial arts, he still carried his wonton stove with him when he wandered about. The wonton stove was more or less like his trademark. Although he had tremendous skills, he did not seek fame or wealth, content to live off his small business. He was also present at Mount Song meeting, in which he disclosed the identity of "Green Ocean Owl" (青海一枭).
  • Mr. Wen (姓闻|xìng Wén) - he is a scholarly, black-bearded, and middle-aged man from Shanxi Province. He is famous for his pair of judge's pens, a master at pressure points. He vouches for Yilin.
  • Old Master Boxer Xia (夏老拳师|Xià Lǎoquánshī) is the leader of the Six Harmonies Sect (六合門) in Zhengzhou.
  • Tie Laolao (鐵老老|铁老老|Tiě Lǎolǎo) is from the Divine Maiden Peak (神女峰) at the Three Gorges.
  • Pan Hou (潘吼; Pān Hǒu; Pun1 Hau3) is the chief of the Sea=San Clan (海沙幫) from the eastern sea.
  • Duo of the River Qu (曲江二友) - a pair of martial artist from Sichuan area.
    • Bai Ke (白克|Bái Kè) is nicknamed "Divine Saber" (神刀).
    • Lu Xisi (盧西思|卢西思|Lú Xīsī) is nicknamed "Divine Brush" (神筆).
  • Official Zhang (張大人|张大人|Zhāng Dàrén) is a bribed official who recommends Liu Zhengfeng to join the imperial service.


  • Tian Boguang (田伯光|Tián Bóguāng) is a rapist nicknamed "Lone Traveler of a Ten Thousand Li" (萬里獨行). He is about thirty years old. Notorious for his lecherous behavior and for raping many women, he makes sexual advances on Yilin but is stopped by Linghu Chong. Monk Bujie semi-castrates him later and forces him to become a monk. Tian is renamed to Buke Bujie (不可不戒), which means "cannot have no rules". He befriends Linghu Chong and becomes one of his allies.
  • Huang Boliu (黃伯流|黄伯流; Huáng Bólíu) - He is well over eighty years old and has a grey beard that reached into his chest. He is nicknamed "Silver Bearded Dragon" (銀髯蛟) and he is the chief of the Heavenly River Sect (天 河幫).
  • Ji Wushi (計無施|计无施|Jì Wúshī), nicknamed "Night Owl" (夜貓子) and "There is Nothing You Can Do" (無計可施).
  • Lan Fenghuang (藍鳳凰|蓝凤凰|Lán Fènghuáng)- her name means "Blue Phoenix". She is the leader of the Five Immortals Cult (五仙教). She attempts to cure Linghu Chong of his internal injuries, but fails. She becomes Linghu Chong's godsister later. Of Miao descent, she is skilled in using poisons and can summon various venomous animals to her aid in combat. She is about twenty-three or twenty-four years old.
  • Madam Zhang (張夫人|张夫人|Zhāng Fūrén)- She is a middle-aged woman with half of her teeth gone. She uses a pair of short swords. She is killed by You Xun.
  • Monk Xibao (西寶|西宝|Xībǎo) is a monk who uses a pair of large cymbals. He is killed by Yan Sanxing.
  • Mu Gaofeng (木高峰|Mù Gāofēng) - nicknamed "Hunchback of the North" (塞北明驼). He is a notorious bandit. He is a fat hunchback with white scars crisscrossing his face and black spots in between. He tries to force Lin Pingzhi to be his apprentice and tortures Lin's parents to death when Lin refuses. His hunchback is actually a sack containing poison gas, which when torn, will release the gas and blind everyone around it. In the end of the novel, Lin Pingzhi tracks him down and kills him to avenge his parents. However, Lin also becomes blind due to the poison gas.
  • Old Ancestor of the Yellow River (黃河老祖|huáng hé lǎo zǔ)- their nicknamed was taken from each of the surnames as well as the area they live.
    • Lao Touzi (老頭子|老头子Lǎo Tóuzǐ) creates eight medical pills to cure his daughter of a rare illness. However, the pills are accidentally consumed by Linghu Chong. Linghu Chong willingly uses his blood (which contains traces of the pills) to save Laotouzi's daughter. Laotouzi feels very grateful to him. He is short and fat.
    • Zu Qianqiu (祖千秋|Zǔ Qiānqiū) is a Jianghu lowlife who tricks Linghu Chong into consuming Lao Touzi's tablets laced on the exotic wine. He is a thin man about fifty years old with a sallow face, a pair of listless eyes, and a brandy nose. Sparse beard occupied the lower half of his face.
  • Lao Busi (老不死|Lǎo Bùsǐ) is Lao Touzi's daughter, Her name means "old but not-dead".
  • Qiu Songnian (仇松年|Qíu Sōngnián) is a long-haired wandering monk who uses a pair of crescent-shaped blades. He is killed by Taoist Yuling.
  • Ping Yizhi (平一指|Píng Yīzhǐ) is a physician nicknamed "Famous Killer Physician" (殺人名醫). He looks somewhat short, stocky man had a larger-than-average head. The sparse mustache on his lips and the way he moved his head back and forth added much comical effect to his appearance. He believes that life and death are predestined, so saving a life is equivalent to violating the law of nature. As such, he makes a rule that for every life he saves, another must die. He fails to cure Linghu Chong of his internal injuries and commits suicide in shame at the Wuba Ridge gathering.
  • Madam Ping (平夫人|píng fū ren) - she is Ping Yizhi's wife. She is a middle-aged woman with an ill looking face. She helps Ping Yingzhi in his clinic.
  • Sima Da (司馬大|司马大; Sīmǎ Dà) is the lord of Long Whale Island (長鯨島).
  • Six Immortals of the Peach Valley (桃谷六仙|Táo Gǔ Liù Xiān) are six brothers, each named after a different part of the peach tree. They are very close to each other even though they always quarrel and bicker among themselves. They try to cure Linghu Chong of his internal injuries by injecting six streams of inner energy into his body but end up worsening Linghu's condition instead. They become Linghu Chong's allies and eventually join the (North) Mount Heng Sect after Linghu becomes its leader.
    • Peachtree Root Fairy (桃根仙) he is the oldest of the six brothers.
    • Peachtree Trunk Fairy (桃干仙), 2nd brother.
    • Peachtree Branch Fairy (桃枝仙), he isn't sure whether he is the 3rd or the 4th brother.
    • Peachtree Leaf Fairy (桃葉仙), 4th brother of the six.
    • Peachtree Flower Fairy (桃花仙), 5th brother of the six.
    • Peachtree Fruit Fairy (桃實仙) the youngest of the six immortals. He was almost killed by Madam Yue.
  • Taoist Yuling (玉靈|玉灵|Yùlíng) is a Taoist who uses a wolf's teeth club. He is killed by Zhou Gutong and Wu Baiying.
  • Twin Bears of the Northern Desert (漠北雙熊) are a pair of cannibalistic martial artists from northern China.
    • Baixiong (白熊|Báixióng) his name means "White Bear" has a fair complexion. Both he and Heixiong kidnapped Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi.
    • Heixiong (黑熊|Hēixióng) his name means "Black Bear" has a dark complexion.
    • Songwen (松紋|松纹; Sōngwén) is a Taoist from the Emei Sect. He is scared away by Xiang Wentian.
  • Twin Extraordinaries Tong and Bai (桐柏雙奇) are a couple who are each blind in one eye. They use golden walking sticks as their weapons.
    • Zhou Gutong (周孤桐|Zhōu Gūtóng) is blind in his left eye.
    • Wu Baiying (吳柏英|吴柏英|Wú Bǎiyīng) is blind in her right eye.
  • Twin Swords of Diancang (點蒼雙劍点苍双剑Diǎncāng Shuāngjiàn) are a pair of swordsmen from the Diancang Sect (點蒼派). They are killed by Xiang Wentian.
  • Twin Flying Fish of the Yangtze River (長江雙飛魚|长江双飞鱼|Chángjiāng Shuāng Fēiyú) are from the White Flood Dragon Clan (白蛟幫) in Jiujiang (九江市). They are the Hall Leaders of the clan.
    • Hall Leader Yi (易堂主) - with a face full of beard. He plans to bore holes on the (North) Mount Heng Sect boats.
    • Hall Leader Qi (齊堂主) - with a long pointed face that looks like an open sunflower seed. Their plan was uncovered by Linghu Chong.
  • Wu Tiande (吳天德|吴天德|Wú Tiāndé) is a military officer from Quanzhou. Linghu Chong steals his uniform and horse and disguises himself as him to rescue (North) Mount Heng Sect apprentices.
  • Yan Sanxing (嚴三星|严三星|Yán Sānxīng) is nicknamed "Twin Serpents Ruthless Beggar" (雙蛇惡丐). He sports green serpent tattoos on his shoulders. He is killed by Zhou Gutong and Wu Baiying.
  • You Xun (游迅|Yóu Xùn) looked like a merchant prince with a nickname "Slippery and Hard to Grip" (滑不留手). He is half bald, but the beard under his chin did not have a sprinkle of grey. He is killed by Ren Yingying.
  • Zhu Caoxian (諸草仙|诸草仙|Zhū cǎoxiān), nicknamed "Cannot Poison Anyone to Death" (毒不死人), is the headmaster of the Hundred Herbs Sect (百藥門).
  • 15 Black Masked Men (十五个黑衣蒙面人) - the men came from different regions attacked Mount Hua Sect entourage at the Buddha of the Herb Monastery. They were all blinded by Linghu Chong, subsequently all were killed at Cliff of Contemplation in Mount Hua toward the end of the novel.


  • Pine Wind Temple (松风余) - headquarter of Qingcheng Sword School in Western Szechwan.
  • Huiyan Wine House (回雁楼喝酒) - a famous wine house located in Hengyang (衡阳). Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang had their "seat-fighting" contest to rescue Yilin witnessed by Qu Yang and Qu Feiyan. In here Tian Boguang killed Chi Baicheng and injured Priest Tainsong. Luo Renjie was also killed by Linghu Chong at this location.
  • Jade House (玉院) - located in the city of Hengshan. It's the city's famous brothel house. Linghu Chong was kept here to recoup from his injuries.
  • Cliff of Contemplation (思过崖) - located on the peak of Mount Hua. Linghu Chong discovered a secret cave with sword arts of Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance engraved on the wall.
  • Buddha of the Herb Monastery (药王庙) - located in the town of Weilin (韦林). Mount Hua Sect entourage was siege by 15 masked men.
  • Bamboo Green Alley (绿竹巷)- located at the outskirt of Luoyang.
  • Nianbapu (廿八铺) - an important town for transportation between Zhejiang and Fujian province for people traveling through the Xianxia mountain range. Mount Song Sect's men set trap by kidnapping Dingjing's apprentices to force (North) Mount Heng Sect to merge five mountains sword schools alliance into one.
  • Wuba Ridge (五霸岡) - literally translated as Five Tyrant Ridge. It's a small hill located where the Shandong Province and the Henan Province bordered each other, west to Heze and Dingtao in the Shandong Province, and east to Dongming of the Henan Province. Heterodox factions and schools' members gathered at Wuba Ridge trying to heal Linghu Chong from his internal injuries.
  • Twine Dragon Island (蟠龙岛) - a desolated island located in the East Sea about 200 miles off Quanzhou City in Fujian. Yingying banished dozens of heterodox men on their way from Wuba Ridge to this island. Three of them had blinded themselves upon seeing Yingying.
  • Plum Manor (梅庄) - situated at Lone Hill (孤山) surrounded with plum forest by the outer West Lake (西湖) in Hangzhou (杭州市). Ren Woxing was imprisoned in a dungeon underneath the West Lake thru a hidden tunnel from Plum Manor.
  • Black Woods Cliff (黑木崖) - the headquarter of Divine Sun Moon Sect.
  • Water Moon Nunnery (水月庵)- a small temple located in the city of Longguan (Dragon Spring). Mount Song Sect men disguised as Divine Sun Moon Sect attacked the temple and forced Dingxian and Dingyi to flee. The abbess of the temple, Qingxia, was killed during the attack.
  • Dragon Spring Sword-forging Valley (龙泉铸剑谷) - located near the city of Longquan (龙泉) in the Zhejiang (浙江) province. This valley that has creeks running through it that was known to forge legendary swords. Dingxian and Dingyi of the (North) Mount Heng Sect along with dozens of their apprentices were trapped by Mount Song Sect men disguising as Divine Sun Moon Sect. 37 of their disciples were killed during the fight. Linghu Chong was able to rescue them.
  • Yellow Keep Plain (黃保坪) - located west of Xiang Yang (襄陽) in the middle of Mount Jing (荊山). It's where the unorthodox sects had gathered to go besiege Shaolin Monastery.
  • Shaolin Monastery (少林寺) - located at forests of Shaoshi (少室) mountain, one of the seven peaks of Mount Song. Linghu Chong led over 5000 unorthodox men to an empty Shaolin Monastery in an attempt to free Ren Yingying. But Zuo Lengchan and Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance schools trapped them instead. Linghu Chong and the unorthodox men subsequently were able to escape the siege through a hidden cave tunnel guarded with 108 mechanical iron monks inside Da Mo Hall.
  • Wuse Convent (无色庵) - the main convent of (North) Mount Heng Sect. It's small convent consisted of two rooms; one at the front and the other in the back. Inside the room, there is a statue of the Goddess of Mercy Guanyin.
  • White Cloud Nunnery (白云庵)
  • Heng-Shan Other Courtyard (恒山别院)
  • Hanging Temple (悬空寺)
  • Spirit Turtle Pavilion (灵龟阁)
  • Divine Snake Pavilion (神蛇阁)



  • Divine Art of Essence Absorbing (吸星大法)- better known as Xi Xing Dafa. This martial art was derived from both Hua Gong Dafa (化功大法) and Northern Sea Divine Skill (北冥神功) created by the Carefree Sect (逍遥派). Left behind by the Duan Family of Dali Kingdom and Xingxiu Sect (星宿派) then over few centuries later the martial art was combined into Xi Xing Dafa. It's Ren Woxing's martial art, which later in the novel Linghu Chong accidentally studied it during his imprisonment in the Plum Manor's dungeon prison.
  • Divine Violet Twilight Art (紫霞神功) - it's an exquisite Mount Hua Sect's internal energy cultivation martial art. The art is exclusively passed down from master to disciple. The qi is started off like the twilight in the sky, then the strength will be released like a storm with devastating power. Once the qi is charged, the person's face complexion will turn slightly purplish. Yue Buqun has mastered this internal energy cultivation.
  • Polar Ice Energy (寒冰真氣) - turning inner energy cultivation into sub-freezing and increases its power tremendously. It's Zuo Lengchan's premiere martial art.
  • Tendon Altering Sutra (易筋經) - Shaolin Monastery's profound internal energy cultivation. It was said that the martial art was left by Bodhidharma (达摩), the monk from ancient India. It's contained breathing and meditation techniques that can turn a normal person into a top-notch Grandmaster of martial arts. By the end of the novel, Abbot Fangzheng imparted this inner energy cultivation method to Linghu Chong to cure his internal damage due the flaw from practicing Divine Art of Essence Absorbing.


  • Universal Palm (翻天掌) - Lin Family's palm strike martial art. Lin Pingzhi used this hand-to-hand martial art against Yu Renyan at the small wine shop outside of Fuzhou.
  • Heart Crushing Palm (摧心掌) - Qingcheng Sword School's palm martial art. Once it hit its victim, it left no mark as the internal heart was crushed in seven or eight pieces.
  • Great Songyang Divine Palm (大嵩陽神掌) - one of the primal martial arts of Mount Song Sect. Fei Bin was the first class master of this martial art.
  • Thousand Hands Buddha Palm (千手如來掌) - one of many Shaolin Monastery's famous palm strike martial art. A single palm strike creates into two palms, then turned into four palms which continues into eight palms and so on until it transforms into thirty-two palms. Abbot Fangzheng uses this palm strike against Ren Woxing on their match at Shaolin Monastery.


  • Pine Wind Sword Art (松风剑法) - Qingcheng Sword School's sword art. The swordmanship is both sturdy and light. It based on static movement, rapid attack, and strikes at a stroke, looking for flaws, and killing move.
  • Chong Ling Sword Art (冲灵剑法) - it's a sword art created by Linghu Chong and Yue Lingshsan. The name of the sword art derived from their first names. Yue Buqun unexpectedly uses this sword art against Linghu Chong at Shaolin Monastery's three fights.
  • Daizong Way (岱宗如何) - it's regarded as Mount Tai Sect's highest and most profound sword art. Its essence wasn't at the sword moves on the right hand, but was at the counting with the left hand. The left hand would be continuously counting. It would be counting the enemy's position, the enemy's martial art, his height, dimensions of his weapon, as well as the height of the sun and many other things. The calculations were very complicated, and once the calculations were finished, the sword would immediately attack thus it would hit its target. Yue Lingshan uses this sword art against the two masters of Mount Tai Sect at Mount Song assembly.
  • Fifth-Rank Sword Art (五大夫剑) - created by Priest Yuqingzi's martial uncle of Mount Tai Sect. The moves in this set of sword art looked plain but contained wonderful variations. Every sword moves has a hidden ancient meaning. The name of the sword art derives from the Fifth-Rank Pine trees located in Mount Tai. Legend has it, these pines were named by a Qin emperor.
  • Furong Sword Art (芙蓉剑法) - it's one of sword arts from (South) Mount Heng Sect. It contains contained thirty-six moves. When combines with Zige Sword Art, it simplifies into harmonious offensive and defensive style.
  • Double Ritual Sword Art (兩儀劍法) - is a Wudang Sect's sword art based on the Yin and Yang energy. It consist of soft and hard principle created fifty years prior to the story by two Wudang's priests. Qingxu and Chenggao used the sword art against Linghu Chong, in which Linghu was able to detect its flaws.
  • Inside Eight Groups, Outside Nine Groups (内八路、外九路) - a seventeen stances of Mount Song Sect's sword art. Yue Lingshan uses thirteen of the moves against Zuo Lengchan at the Mount Song assembly.
  • Jade Dragon Outside of Heaven (天外玉龙)- one of Mount Song Sect' sword arts. The sword stance looks like a spirit snake of a divine dragon came to life.
  • Nineteen Stances of the Jade Maiden Sword (玉女剑十九式) - one of the many exquisite sword arts from Mount Hua Sect. The set of Jade Maiden Sword form only had nineteen stances, every stance had very complicated changes and variations. It's well matched against other school's sword arts. Primary designed for female disciples of Mount Hua Sect. This sword form focused on adapting itself to changing conditions and not restricting oneself to certain moves or postures, that was why right from the beginning, the practitioner would need to practice with a partner.
  • Poetry Sword to Meet Friends (诗剑会友) - one of sword art from Mount Hua Sect. It was the stance Mount Hua Sect used when having a friendly fight against people from the orthodox path. The meaning behind this move was when cultured men make friends, they combine sentences together to make poems, while when martial men make friends, they compare martial skills. When this move was used, it made it clear that there was no enmity between the opponents. So, the sword fight should only decide the winner and loser, and mustn't take each other's lives.
  • Taiji Sword Art (太極劍法)- the illustrious sword art of Wudang Sect based on circular motion. The stance creates sword moves by creating more and more flickering circles. It uses soft to overcome hard. Linghu Chong was able to detect its flaw while sparring with Priest Chongxu.
  • Taishan Eighteen Coils (泰山十八盘) - created by a Taoist from Mount Tai Sect. He harmonized the eighteen coils of Mount Tai's three gates. The movement uses an arduous path with its five steps of revolution and ten steps of circles. It attacks higher with each coil and became more dangerous with each step. These patterns of sword moves also become more violent with each turn. The eighteen coils turned slowly and the other eighteen coils turned quickly. Each step was higher than the next, and it was said 'The person at the back will only see the soles of the shoes of the person in front, while the person at the front will only see the hair of the person at the back'. This pattern of sword art of the Taishan Sword School was created from the steep mountain paths going up Mount Tai. The movements were suddenly slow and suddenly fast, punctuated by very complicated turnings. Priest Yuyinzi uses this sword art to defend against Yue Lingshan's Daizong Way.
  • Ten-thousand Blossoms Sword Art (萬花劍法) - an exquisite swordplay art from (North) Mount Heng Sect.
  • Tianzhu Sword Art (天柱剑法)- one of (South) Mount Heng Sect Five Divine Sword Arts. The essence of the sword play was taken from the changes in the cloud of Tianzhu Peak. It relies heavily on its strange variations.
  • Zige Sword Art (紫盖剑法)- one of the (South) Mount Heng Sect Five Divine Sword Arts (衡山五神剑). It contains forty-four moves with essence of dozens variants. Yue Lingshan used one of the moves from this sword art as well as Furong Sword Art when she fought Mr. Mo Da at Mount Song assembly.
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