The Mongolians in The Legend of the Condor Heroes

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Temujin (成吉思汗) - Genghis Khan

Tolui (拖雷)- Temujin's 4th and youngest son. He is Guo Jing's sworn brother. He gave Guo Jing a golden necklace while he received a red handkerchief with a flower embroidered made by Guo Jing's mother, Li Ping.




Muqali - the 1st of four Temujin's trusted generals. He is the master of strategy. He looks scholarly with a white clean face.

Bogurchi - the 2nd of four Temujin's trusted generals. He had a strong build and his eyes are piercing like an eagle.

Tchila'un - the 4th of four Temujin's trusted generals. His hands and face filled with battle scars. The color of his face is blood red. He once saved Temujin's life.


Jamuka - Temujin's sworn brother. He and Temujin were childhood friends. At the time they swore to be brothers, Jamuka gave Temujin a granite stone that resembled a deer thighbone while Temujin gave him a granite stone that looked like it was made of brass. The second time they swore to be brothers again, Jamuka gave Temujin a noisy-arrowhead that he carved himself using two little ox horns. Temujin then in return gave Jamuka a cypress tipped arrowhead. They swore as brothers for the third time after they combined force with Ong Khan to rescue Temujin's wife from her kidnappers, the Merkits. This time they exchanged gold and horses. Jamuka is a tall and skinny man with a few strand of gold in his mustache. His pair of eyes filled with energy and enthusiasm. He looks strong and spirited. Jamuka betrayed Temujin when he joined forces with Ong Khan and Wanyan Honglie. Abandoned by his soldiers, he took refuge at Tangnu Mountain with his five bodyguards. But his bodyguards betrayed him and brought him to Temujin. Jamuka was granted death by strangulation and Temujin promised to bury him at a place where they were once played as children.


Kutuku - Temujin's sworn brother

Jelme - Kutuku's standout general who along with 3000 elite Mongolian soldier defended the hill where Temujin stood during the battle with the Tatars. He only lost 400 soldier to ten of thousands of Tatar soldiers. He displayed incredible feat during the battle and stuck three of the Tatars' banners upside down on the top of hill which broke the enemy soldiers' morale.

Ogedai - Temujin's 3rd son.


Jochi - Temujin's 1st son. His mother was kidnapped by the Merkits. After several years in captivity, his mother was taken back, but by that time she had already given birth to Jochi. Temujin accepted this fact with an open mind; he regarded Jochi as his own son.

Chagatai - Temujin's 2nd son. He loves dogs and he brought six of his hunting dogs to search for Jebe.

Boroqul - the 3rd of Temujin's trusted generals. He's also Tolui's mentor. He is short but agile. His steps are swift.

Ong Khan - Sworn brother of Temujin's father. He's the leader of Toghril tribe and his tribe is the richest and most powerful among the tribes in the steppe. He's the most respected among the tribes leaders and well liked. Ong Khan took Temujin as his step son after Temujin's father died from poisoning.

Senggum - Ong Khan's son. He can be describes as a fat and pale man. He has the aura of somewhat arrogant. He and his father, Ong Khan, fled to the West after being defeated by Temujin. They were killed by the Naiman and the Liao.

Dukhsh - Senggum's son. He was killed trampled by horses in the confusion during surprised attack by Temujin.