The Legend of the Condor Heroes

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The Legend of the Condor Heroes
2nd edition of LOCH
2nd edition cover page
Book Information
Author Jin Yong (金庸)
Original Title She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan (射雕英雄传)
Publication Date 1957
Media Type Hardcover
Country Hong Kong
Publisher Hong Kong Commercial Daily
Chapters 40
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The Legend of Condor Heroes (Traditional Chinese: 射鵰英雄傳; Simplified Chinese: 射雕英雄传; Pinyin: shè diāo yīng xióng zhuàn). It's the first part of the Condor Heroes trilogy. The novel is set during the Song Dynasty (12th Century AD China) at a time when the Jurchen (女真) or the Jin were threatening to invade northern China. The story is centered around a young man named Guo Jing.

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There are 40 Chapters in the 2nd and 3rd editions of this work, each chapter has a four-character title:

  1. 風雪驚變 Incident in the Blizzard
  2. 江南七怪 JiangNan Qi Guai
  3. 大漠風沙 The Winds of the Steppes; 黃沙莽莽 in third revision
  4. 黑風雙煞 Dark Winds' Twin Killers
  5. 彎弓射鵰 Crooked Bow Shooting Condors
  6. 崖頂疑陣 Mysterious Happenings at the Cliff's Summit
  7. 比武招親 Joust for a Spouse
  8. 各顯神通 Each Demonstrating His Skill
  9. 鐵槍破犁 The Broken Spear
  10. 冤家聚頭 Gathering of the Foes; 往事如煙 in third revision
  11. 長春服輸 Changchun Admits Defeat
  12. 亢龍有悔 The Proud Dragon Repents
  13. 五湖廢人 The Crippled Person of Five Lake
  14. 桃花島主 The Lord of Peach Blossom Island
  15. 神龍擺尾 The Dragon sways its Tail
  16. 九陰真經 Arts of the Nine Negations
  17. 雙手互搏 Technique of Ambidexterity
  18. 三道試題 3 Test Questions
  19. 洪濤群鯊 Great Waves of Sharks
  20. 竄改經文 Doctoring the Scripture; 九陰假經 in third revision
  21. 千鈞巨岩 Heavy Weight of 1000 Rock
  22. 騎鯊遨遊 Roaming with the Sharks
  23. 大鬧禁宮 Disturbing the Forbidden Palace
  24. 密室療傷 Healing in the Secret Room
  25. 荒村野店 Desolated Inn in the Village
  26. 新盟舊約 New Allies, Old Stipulations
  27. 軒轅台前 Pavilion's Platform
  28. 鐵掌峰頂 Peak of Mt. Iron Palm
  29. 黑沼隱女 The Lady Beyond Black Marsh Pit
  30. 一燈大師 Reverend Monk Yi Deng
  31. 鴛鴦錦帕 Lovers' Handkerchief
  32. 湍江險灘 Dangerous Shore Beyond the Rushing River
  33. 來日大難 Upcoming Disaster
  34. 島上巨變 Radical Changes on the Island
  35. 鐵槍廟中 In the Temple of the Spear
  36. 大軍西征 The West Expedition
  37. 從天而降 Descending from the Sky
  38. 錦囊密令 Secret Order Within the Brocade
  39. 是非善惡 Distinguishing Good & Evil
  40. 華山論劍 Duel on Mount Hua


The first part of the novel revolved around the friendship of two young men, Yang TieXin and Guo XiaoTian, who became heroes in their own right as they fought the invading Jin soldiers. The bond between the duo was so strong that they pledged to each other that their unborn children will become either sworn siblings (if both are of the same sex) or be married (if they are of opposite sexes).

The story focuses on the trials and tribulations of their sons following Guo XiaoTian's death and the disappearance of Yang TieXin. Guo Jing, Guo XiaoTian's son, grows up in Mongolia under the care of Genghis Khan. Yang Kang, on the other hand, grows up in the Jin Empire as the foster son of Prince Wanyan HongLie. Guo is mentored by the Seven Freaks of JiangNan in martial arts but he is a slow learner and only manages to master part of the skills he is taught. Yang is mentored by Qiu ChuJi of the QuanZhen Sect.

The boys' personalities are complete opposites of each other due to the differences in how they are raised. Guo Jing is honest, loyal and righteous but lacks intelligence. Conversely, Yang Kang is clever, but scheming and treacherous. The pair eventually meet one another and their respective lovers Huang Rong and Mu NianCi. The main plot follows Guo Jing and Huang Rong's adventures together and their encounters with the Five Greats. Meanwhile, Yang Kang plots with Wanyan HongLie to destroy his native empire of Song. Yang Kang refuses to acknowledge his ethnicity and is strongly driven to acquire wealth, fame and glory. His treachery is slowly unveiled throughout the novel through the encounters he has with Guo Jing and Huang Rong. Assisted by Guo Jing, the Mongolian military destroys the Jin Empire, subsequently turning its attention towards the Song Empire. Guo Jing is unwilling to aid Mongolia further to conquer his native homeland of Song and so decides to leave Mongolia in favor of helping his fellow Song countrymen counter the Mongolian invasion, described in the novel's sequel. Yang Kang meets his retributive end, leaving behind Mu Nianci and their unborn son Yang Guo, who becomes the protagonist of the next book in the series.


Main Characters

Yang TieXin (楊鐵心)

  • Guo XiaoTian (郭嘯天) - The father of Guo Jing and husband of Li Ping. He is the sworn brother of his neighbor Yang TieXin and the two have an agreement for their children to be sworn siblings if they are of the same sex and husband and wife if they are of opposite genders. He is a descendant of Guo Sheng of the 108 LiangShan heroes in the Water Margin. His right arm was severed by Duan TianDe prior he is killed by Duan TianDe's men. He died before the birth of his son which lead to Li Ping to flee to Mongolia after she was captured.

Bao XiRuo (包惜弱) - She’s the daughter of a teacher at the private school in Red Plum Village and the wife of Yang TieXin. Her name means weak or compassionate like her kindhearted nature.

Li Ping (李萍)- She is from Lin'An in ZheJiang province. She was born and raised in a farm. Li Ping is the wife of Guo XiaoTian. She's plain looking and illiterate. She doesn't really know her husband's name other than calling him Xiao-ge.

Guo Jing (郭靖) - Golden Saber Prince Consort (Jin Dao Fu Ma)

Huang Rong (黃蓉)

Yang Kang (楊康)

Mu NianCi (穆念慈)-(NianCi: "to remember the mother"),

The Five Greats

The Five Greats (天下五絕)

  • Hong QiGong (洪七公) - Northern Beggar (北丐) - Nine Fingered Divine Beggar (九指神丐, Jiu Zhi Shen Gai)
  • Duan ZhiXing (段智興) /Reverend YiDeng (一燈大師) - Southern Emperor (南帝)

Peach Blossom Island

Mei ChaoFeng (梅超風) - Her name originally was Mei RuoHua before she was rescued by Huang YaoShi. Her name was changed to Mei ChaoFeng upon accepted as Huang YaoShi's student. Each of Huang YaoShi's students bore the name of Feng (風,wind). She was the 3rd student of Peach Blossom Island.

Chen XuanFeng (陳玄風) - The 2nd student of Huang YaoShi. He and Mei ChaoFeng secretly married. He was known as the Copper Corpse due to his burnt yellow complexion and never showed a bit of emotion on his face. He was accidentally killed by Guo Jing. He and his wife were known as "Twin Killers of the Dark Winds" (黑風雙煞 - Hei Feng Shuang Sha).

Lu GuanYing (陸冠英) - He's the son of Lu ChengFeng. He was the favorite student of Abbot KuMu of YunLou (Cloudy Pavilion) monastery, a XianXia Sect (仙霞派 - Immortal Red Cloud Sect) branch which was affiliated with ShaoLin Temple in the hills of HeNan.

Qu LingFeng (曲靈風)- A widower and he was the 1st student of Huang YaoShi. Qu LingFeng was also the most talented and favorite disciple. He had a daughter named ShaGu (傻姑). After he was expelled from Peach Blossom Island, he fled to Ox Family Village (牛家村) and adopted the name Qu San (曲三). He disguised himself as a wine shop owner at the village. He was crippled by his master, Huang YaoShi. It was likely that he chose this Ox Family Village because of its proximity to Lin'An with the purpose of raiding the cultural treasures inside the palace complex. Qu LingFeng kept all the treasures he stole hoping someday he would give them to his master as gift and to re-accept him back as Peach Blossom disciple. He was killed after he took a powerful palm strike from a high ranking Imperial Guard Shi YanMing (石彦明). But he also managed to kill Shi YanMing as well. They were killed inside a secret chamber at Qu LingFeng's wine shop.

Wu MianFeng (武眠風) - He was mentioned to have been dead for quite awhile after he was maimed and expelled from Peach Blossom Island. His death was only known by Lu ChengFeng where he informed Huang YaoShi at the Cloud Manor.

Lu ChengFeng (陸乘風) - He looked about forty years of age, had a rather thin face and looked as if he were ill. He was very tall and even though he was seated.

Feng MoFeng (馮默風)

The Seven Freaks of JiangNan (江南七怪)

Seven Freaks of JiangNan (江南七怪) - Seven Freaks of the South

Beggars Clan

Beggars Clan (丐幫) have the largest members in Wulin. Every member actually had the responsibility to uphold justice, to help those in distress, and to follow their predecessors’ good deeds and not the bad ones.

  • Lu YouJiao (魯有腳) - One of the Beggar Clan 9 Pouches elders. He's known as Big Feet to Kick Dog. He's hot temper.
  • Peng ZhangLao (彭長老) - A fair skin and plump in appearance and his face is full of white beard. He is one of the Beggar Clan 9 Pouches elders. If his clothes were not full of patches, he would look like a rich and noble gentleman as he is from the Clean Clothes Faction. His weapon is a sword and very proficient in Soul Shifting Skill. He was demoted to an eight-pouch level by Huang Rong.
  • Jian ZhangLao (簡長老) - A white bearded and eyebrows short man. One of the Beggar Clan 9 Pouches elders and he is also the chief among the four elders. His main weapon is a steel staff which was made with specially treated metal. Qiu QianRen bent his steel staff at the YueYang's meeting. His skill is called Massive Diamond Strength Staff Skill.
  • Liang ZhangLao (梁長老) - One of the Beggar Clan 9 Pouches elders. His main weapon is a saber.
  • Yu ZhaoXing (余兆興) - Martial art nephew of Li Sheng who is also a member of the Beggar Clan. He followed suit to kill himself after Li Sheng.
  • Li Sheng (黎生) - Serpent King of the East River - He has one eye and an Eight Pouches elder of the Beggar Clan in LiangZhe area. His martial art is strong. He killed himself rather than apologizing to Qiu QianRen under Yang Kang's order which demeaned the prestige of the Beggars Clan.

QuanZhen Sect

  • QuanZhen Sect (全真教) - (Literally: Absolute Perfection) - A Taoist martial art school founded by Wang ChongYang. Within several decades QuanZhen gained a lot of support from Jiang Hu and the common people. The disciples of Wang ChongYang, called the Seven Masters of QuanZhen, were all revered as immortals and were a staunch ally of the Song people against the Jin.

Dali Kingdom

  • Ying Gu - Divine Mathematician - She was one of concubines of Duan ZhiXing. Her name was Liu Ying.
  • Zhu ZiLiu - The Scholar - He was formerly the Prime Minister of the Dali Kingdom. He was very good in schemer and tactician.
  • Wu SanTong - The Farmer - He was formerly the Captain of Emperor Duan ZhiXing's personal bodyguard.
  • DianCang YuYin/Si ShuiYuyin - The Fisherman
  • The Woodcutter


The Mongolians in The Legend of the Condor Heroes

The Camel White Mountain

  • Ouyang Ke (歐陽克) - The Young Master of the White Camel Mountain is the illegitimate son of Ouyang Feng. Aged about thirty five or thirty six years old, he moved elegantly, had a distinguished appearance and an undeniable martial air.

The Jin

  • Wanyan HongLie (完顏洪烈) - Prince of Zhao. He's the 6th son of Wanyan Jing. He disguised as Yan Lie (颜烈) when he persuaded Bao XiRuo to go along with him.
  • Wanyan HongXi (完顏洪熙) - Prince of Rong. He's the 3rd son of Wanyan Jing. While on the mission with Wanyan HongLie to Mongolia, he tried to show off his own magnanimity and wealth by throwing coins at the Mongolian children during the welcoming parade. This act was considered as an insult to the Mongolian custom. Guo Jing picked up the coins and hurled them at Wanyan HongXie's cheek. He tried to kill Guo Jing by throwing his spear but it was deflected by Jebe's arrow.
  • Wanyan Jing (完顏璟) - Wanyan HongLie's father or titled Zhang Zong was the Emperor of the Jin (Jurchen) at the time. Fearing that the tribes in the grassland would grow to be troublesome, he sent Wanyan HongXi and Wanyan HongLie to anoint the tribe leaders as officers of Jin. In addition, he sent the Princes to scout the tribes and make note of the weakness of each so as to be able to gain the upper hand in case of future conflicts.
  • Peng LianHu (彭連虎) - Butcher of One Thousand Hands (千手人屠). A roadside bandit leader who terrorized the region of Hubei and Shanxi. He acted with cruelty that earned him his nickname. He and his men were invited to YanJing to collaborate for Wanyan HongLie. He is a very small man with a proud small mustache. His blood injected eyes had a piercing look. Peng LianHu is a cunning man and often disregard the rule of Jiang Hu. He would use "Poison Needle Bangle" during introduction to gain advantage in a duel. Made from refined steel, the bangle was as slender as a thread and on it was five thin needles armed with a lethal poison. If the needles penetrated the flesh and drew blood, the victim would undoubtedly die within ten hours. More often than not, he uses this bangle to increase the potency of his palm attacks. Peng LianHu's weapon of choice is a pair of judge pens called "Judgmental Twin Brushes".
  • Liang ZiWeng (梁子翁) - He's known as Ginseng Immortal Old Freak (參仙老怪) in martial art world. This silvery white-haired man is the master of Eternal White Peak in GuanDong. Originally he came from ChangBai Mountain in JiLin province as ginseng picker. Since his youth, he had consumed natural ginseng and other remedies, which had protected him from attacks of old age. Liang ZiWeng killed a seriously wounded martial art master and from inside his sack, he took a manual of martial art’s secrets along with ten or so prescriptions for the preparation of different types of medicines/drugs/potions. The study of this manual combined with use of these drugs would lead to Liang ZiWeng's incredible martial art and power. He is medium-sized build with a rubicund and beaming smooth face like a baby without any wrinkle at all. He wears a long dress like a Taoist. His weapon is a shovel or spade similar to the ones that used for grave digging or gardening. He's also very agile using secret weapon called Bone Penetrating Meridian Nails. He is one of Wanyan HongLie's cronies.
  • LingZhi ShangRen (靈智上人) - His well known martial art is so-called Distinguished Big Hand (大手印). A Llama who is an eminent member of a secret school in Tibet. He is very tall and wore a big scarlet bonze dress. He was invited by Wanyan HongLie. He is arrogant who thinks his martial art is the highest. His weapon of choice is a pair of cymbals. His name also means Supreme Virtue LingZhi.
  • Sha TongTian (沙通天) - Dragon King of Ghost Gate (鬼門龍王). His 4 disciples are known as Four Demons of Yellow River (黃河四鬼). He is bald man with gleaming skull and bulging red eyes. He possessed a quick temper and he was constantly enraged when teaching. This is the reason he had only been able to transmit a negligible part of his ability to his four disciples. He uses a heavy iron stick as his weapon. Peng LiangHu severed Sha TongTian's arm halfway down to save his life after the poison from Yang Kang transferred to him during the event at the Temple of Iron Spear.
  • Hou TongHai (侯通海) - Martial art uncle of the Four Demons of Yellow River (黃河四鬼). He's a lean man about forty years old with a long dark face. He has 3 big lumps in the forehead that gave him an extremely ugly appearance . His given nickname was Three Headed Scaly Dragon (三頭蛟) due to those 3 big lumps. Hou TongHai's weapon of choice is a steel trident. His left arm was severed by Huang YaoShi and both of his ears were cutoff by Zhou BoTong.
  • Duan TianDe (段天德) - He is Abbot KuMu's nephew and an officer for the Song army. He has a knife scar on his forehead and a blueish birthmark on his cheek. Duan TianDe collaborated with Wanyan HongLie and led Song soldiers in attempt to arrest Guo XiaoTian and Yang TieXin for alleged treasons at Ox Village. After a fierce fight, Guo XiaoTian was killed in battle by Duan TianDe and Yang TieXin was presumed dead. Guo's widowed wife Li Ping was captured by Duan TianDe. He was killed by Yang Kang at the Cloud Manor.
  • Tang ZuDe (湯祖德) - A forty years old captain of Wanyan HongLie's personal guards. He taught Wanyan Kang some martial art lessons when he was a kid. Wanyan Kang in his attempt to disgrace Wang ChuYi, he introduced Tang ZuDe as his master.
  • Gai YunCong (盖运聪) - He was a corrupted governor of the prefecture of JiaXing who collaborated with Wanyan HongLie. Gai YunCong compensated Wanyan HongLie with a plate of gold and silver ingots after Zhu Cong picked Wanyan HongLie's pocket.
  • Wang DaoQian (王道乾) - He was a greedy and corrupted Song official who secretly colluded with the Jin. Wang DaoQian accompanied Wanyan HongLie to Lin'An to continue the legwork for preparation of the Jin's invasion to the South. He was beheaded by Qiu ChuJi. Qiu ChuJi also took Wang DaoQian's heart and liver.
  • Four Demons of Yellow River (黃河四鬼) - They are the four disciples of Sha TongTian. Wanyan HongLie often used their services against.
    • Shen QingGang (沈青剛) - Saber Breakdowns the Soul (斷魂刀). The elder disciple of Sha TongTiang. He and his three martial art brothers were the elite fighters brought by Wanyan HongLie to Mongolia to assist him on his scheme to kill Temujin.
    • Wu QingLie (吳青烈) - Spear Seizes Life (追命槍). The 2nd disciple of Sha TongTiang. Just like his nickname, he used spear as his weapon.
    • Ma QingXiong (馬青雄) - Whip Captures Spirit (奪魄鞭). The 3rd disciple of Sha TongTiang. He infiltrated Lu GuanYing's Lake Tai pirates. He fought with Lu GuanYing and he was defeated. He was then killed by 2 of Lu GuanYing's pirates.
    • Qian QingJian (錢青健) - Axe Buries Family (喪門斧). The last disciple of Sha TongTiang. He is the weakest among the four of Sha TongTiang's disciples. He uses twin axes as his weapons.

Iron Palm Sect

  • Qiu QianRen (裘千仞) - Iron Palm Water Skimmer (鐵掌水上飄 - Tie Zhang Shui Shang Piao) - He's the Chief of Iron Palm Sect in HuNan.
  • Qiu QianZhang (裘千丈)- Qiu QianRen's elder twin brother. While his twin brother in seclusion to improve his Iron Palm martial art, Qiu QianZhang used his twin brother reputation and trickery to intimidate his opponents. Wanyan HongLie exploited him to spread rumors to create chaos in Jiang Hu and recruited martial artist to help the Jin.


  • Abbot KuMu (枯木) - Whithered Wood - He's the Abbot at Cloudy Pavilion Temple. Abbot KuMu is Duan TianDe's uncle. He was a Song army officer and his martial arts training came as a disciple of XianXia Sect that was prevalent in the provinces of ZheJiang and JiangSu and could be considered a branch of Shaolin Monastery martial arts. He had never approved of Duan TianDe’s character and kept a distance between them.
  • Monk JiaoMu (焦木) - Burnt Wood - He's Abbot KuMu's younger martial art brother. His facial feature was burned-yellowish which perhaps explained how he got his religious Buddhist name. In term of martial art, he was better than Abbot KuMu. He used a burned wood as a weapon and he's a master at hitting pressure points. In his effort to protect Duan TianDe, he clashed with Qiu ChuJi. However his martial was no match against Qiu ChuJi and he then beseeched help from the Seven Freaks of JiangNan. Inside his Temple of Oriental Zen, Qiu ChuJi and Seven Freaks of JiangNan fought and all of them were badly injured. They soon found out that they were deceived by Duan TianDe. Monk JiaoMu thought that due to his slight oversight on his part, he had not only got himself hurt, he had taken his friends down with him as well. In anger and humiliation, he ferociously charged onto Duan TianDe. But he missed him and ran straight into one of the temple's columns. He was killed instantly.
  • Ke PiXie - He's known as Divine Dragon Soaring Through the Sky. He is Ke Zhen'E's older brother who was killed by Copper Corpse (銅屍), Chen XuanFeng (陳玄風)and his wife Iron Corpse (鐵屍), Mei ChaoFeng (梅超風). This ZheJiang province couple was known in martial world as Twin Killers of the Dark Winds (黑風雙煞). Ke PiXie's death is the beginning of animosity between the Seven Freaks of JiangNan and Mei ChaoFeng. Ke Zhen'E mentioned that Ke PiXie died during the expedition led by Lu ChengFeng to kill the Twin Killers of the Dark Winds while Ke Zhen'E was in ShanDong and HeBei Province in search for Li Ping and Guo Jing. He was killed 2 years prior the Seven Freaks of JiangNan found Guo Jing in Mongolia.
  • Zhang ShiWu (张诗武) - He's the bard at Ox Family Village telling tales about the country situation in the North with the Jin. He befriended Yang TieXin and Guo XiaoTian.
  • Zhang Mu'Er - He's the blacksmith at Ox Family Village. His shop is located in the east side of the village.



  • Peach Blossom Island (桃花岛) - It's an island in Zhejiang Province, East China. It is often praised for its beauty. The island is a mysterious and beautiful filled with peach blossoms and secluded from the outside world.

Tie Qiang Miao - Temple of the Iron Spear - This Temple of the Iron Spear was built to honor a well known general from the Five Dynasties period, the Iron Spear, Wang YanZhang. Next to the temple there was a tall pagoda.

San Yuan Lou - The Three Primary Tavern - It's a well known tavern in Lin'An for wine, food, and utensils. The building have colorful paint and had row of red and green fencing. Beneath the second floor roof hung flower-pattern lanterns. The interior was inlaid with luxuriant wood; the pavilion looked elegant and unconventional.

Chi Sui Dao (Eat Urine Island), Ya Gui Dao (Crushing Ghost Island), or Ming Xia Dao (Bright Red Cloud Island)

YueZhou (YueYang) - On XuanYuan Platform, it's the site for Beggar Clan general assembly at the peak of Mount Jun by DongTing Lake.

Hua Shan Lun Jian - Sword Meet on Mount Hua

  • Liu Zhi Zong De (劉氏宗祠的) - Liu Ancestral Hall at BaoYing. The shrine where Hong QiGong took both Guo Jing and Huang Rong as his disciple. Hong QiGong propelled to accept his first disciple after the situation against Ouyang Ke prompt him to do so. Ouyang Ke also used this shrine to kept Mu NianCi inside one of the coffin. This is also where Yang Kang decided "wealth and riches" are more important to him than being chivalrous.
  • Gui Yun Zhuang (歸雲莊) (Cloud Assembly Manor) - It's located on the West bank of Lake Tai near YiXing and it's owned by Lu ChengFeng. It has a similar Five Elements Open Gateway formation that of Peach Blossom Island to protect from uninvited visitors.

Yan Yu Lou - Misty Rain Tavern - Located at the bank of Nan Hu (South Lake).

  • Fa Hua Si (法华寺) - (Temple of Oriental Zen) - Located in JiaXing, it's where Monk JiaoMu is resided. Abbot KuMu sent his nephew, Duan TianDe, to hide at this Temple of Oriental Zen under Monk JiaoMu's protection. This is the site of the bloody confrontation between Qiu ChuJi and the Seven Freaks of JiangNan. Fa Hua Si was also the place where Qiu ChuJi and the Seven Freaks of JiangNan agreed for the contest to rescue the widows of Guo XiaoTian and Yang TieXin. In addition, they agreed to train the descendants of Guo XiaoTian and Yang TieXin and to have a martial art contest after 18 years at the Pavilion of the Drunken Immortal.
  • Yun Qi Si (云栖寺) - (Cloudy Pavilion Temple) - It's a Buddhist monastery where Abbot Kumu has retreated. Duan TianDe sought refuge at this monastery in hope that his uncle, Abbot Kumu, can protect him from his pursuer, Qiu ChuJi. It's also known as YunLou Monastery.
  • Zui Xian Lou (醉仙楼) - Pavilion of the Drunken Immortal - It's located on by the bank of Nan Hu (South Lake) or Yuan Yang Hu (Mandarin Duck Lake) in JiaXing. At the front of the tavern stood a big wooden sign with four letter engraved Tai Bai Yi Feng meaning "left behind custom" by a famous Tang Dynasty's poet Li Bai. In the main entrance there was a sign Zui Xian Lou (Pavilion of the Drunken Immortal) inscribed by famous calligrapher of Song Dynasty, Su DongPo in golden letters. Monk JiaoMu invited the Seven Freaks of JiangNan and Qiu ChuJi to discuss about the allegation of hiding the Guo's and Yang's kidnapped widows at this tavern.

Mount of the White Camel - around KunLun Mountain range.

Kalgan (ZhangJiaKou) - Located at the crossroads of commerce between the South and the North. It's a small city where trade of the region was centered specially for fur trade. It's the city where Guo Jing first met Huang Rong.

Black Pine Wood - forest located about 10 li to the West of Kalgan.

Ox Family Village/Niu Family Village (牛家村) - It's located near the capital city of Song, Lin'An.

Lotus Pond Village - It's located at Lin'An perfecture. It's the village where Yang TieXin took refuge after he escaped from Wanyan HongLie's dubious attack. This is the home town of Mu NianCi. It's about 4 li from the Ox Village.

Yanjing - Capital of Jin Empire or ZhongDu.

Inn of Prosperity



  • Jiu Yin Shen Gong (九陰神功) - Nine Yin Divine Inner Energy.
  • Xian Tian Shen Gong (先天功) - Pre Heaven Inner Energy - The highest internal energy cultivation of QuanZhen Sect.
  • Qi Men Wu Zhuan - Wonderful Gate Five Revolutions - Peach Blossom Island internal energy cultivation.
  • Tie Zhang Shen Gong (鐵掌神功) - Divine Art of Iron Palm - Internal energy cultivation of the Iron Palm Sect.


  • Xiang Long Shiba Zhang (降龍十八掌) - 18 Dragon Subduing Palms - It's one of the most notable martial arts of the Beggars Clan.
  • Luo Ying Shen Jian Zhang (桃華落英掌) - Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm - Peach Flower Fallen Divine Sword Palm - In the 3rd edition of the novel, it changed to Tao Hua Luo Ying Zhang (落英神剑掌) - Fallen Peach Flower Divine Sword Palm. A palm martial art created by the master of Peach Blossom Island, Huang YaoShi. This palm style resembles like its name "Divine Sword" as it was adapted from a sword technique, Jade Flute Swordplay (玉箫剑法). The movement of the arms and palms are to all direction encircling opponent by the palms shadow. It was as though the wind had arisen in the woods dropping all a thousand flowers.
  • Ha Ma Gong (蛤蟆功) - Divine Toad Stance, it uses absorbed poison to increase internal energy for lethal blows.
  • Kong Ming Quan - (七十二路空明拳)- 72 Vacant Fist. Invented by Zhou BoTong whose origins stemmed from the word empty/vacant/open and clear/bright.
  • Shuang Shou Hu Bo - (雙手互搏)- Technique of Ambidexterity - Invented by Zhou BoTong during the time he stayed at Peach Blossom Island. The principal of the technique is to dividing one's mind into two. The way to train the technique was by drawing a square with the left hand and a circle with the right hand.
  • Ling She Quan (灵蛇拳) - Spirit Snake Fists - One of Ouyang Feng's martial arts. It was developed from the movements of venomous snakes. Hong QiGong downplayed the name of the style to Ruan Pi She - Snake's Flexible Skin Fists during the clash with Ouyang Ke at BaoYing. Ouyang Feng painstakingly created this stance to be used for the Second Sword Meeting on Mount Hua. A snake seems to be boneless and could turn in all directions at will, so the main point of this stance is to be able to twist the arms unpredictably, so that when the opponent blocks the fists, the exponent would be able to throw out a punch from an unexpected angle at close proximity. Of course to expect the arms to move exactly like a snake would be unreasonable but in the eyes of the opponent, the movements of the arms greatly resemble snakes.
  • Pi Cong Zhang (劈空掌) - Air Splitting Palm - One of Peach Blossom Island martial arts created by Huang YaoShi. It uses Eight Trigrams to practice this palm technique. Huang Rong was bored after a month practicing this technique and stopped learning it. She thought this Air Splitting Palm can only be used to amaze but totally useless in real combat. Hong QiGong pretended to use this technique to deceive Ouyang Feng at the deserted island.
  • Xiao Yao Quan (逍遙拳) - Carefree Drifter's Fist (Wandering Strides)- It derived into 36 movements. Hong QiGong picked up this martial art during his youth years. He hasn't used this martial art for 10 years because he deemed incompatible with the martial art he currently uses. He first taught Mu NianCi then Huang Rong.
  • Bi Bo Zhang Fa (碧波掌法) - Jade Green Waves Palm - One of Peach Blossom Island martial arts. It's the foundation of all Peach Blossom Island martial arts. All disciples must learn this palm technique. It was mimicked by Sha Gu.
  • Cui Xin Zhang (摧心掌) - Heart Destroying Palm
  • Shen Tuo Xue Shan Zhang - Divine Camel Snowy Mountain Palm
  • LiaoDong Ye Hu Quan Fa - Wild Fox From LiaoDong Fist - It's Liang Ziweng's proud martial art. He created this martial art from inspiration when he saw a hound was fighting with a wild fox on the snow. The fox was very cunning, it leaped to the east and hopped to the west, very quick and agile. Although the hound's claws and teeth were sharp, after battling for a long time it had not scored victory yet. Liang ZiWeng noticed the ability of the fox to jump very high; he got a sudden inspiration. He abandoned his intention to pick ginseng and decided to stay inside a thatched hut on the deep snowy mountain, painstakingly pondering martial art moves for several months. As a result, the Wild Fox From LiaoDong Fist technique was born. The style incorporates four fundamental principles, namely Alert/Quickness (Ling), Dogde (Shan), Pounce (Pu), and Tumble (Die).
  • Fu Hu Quan - Crouching Tiger Fist - One of Hong QiGong's martial art. He doesn't use this skill as often.
  • Kai Shan Zhang Fa - Open Hills Palms - One of Nan XiRen's martial art. Cang Ying Bu Tu (The Hawk Hunting Rabbit), Qiu Feng Sao Luo Ye (Autumn Winds Sweeping the Fallen Leaves), and Tie Niu Tian Di (Iron Bull Tilling the Land) are some of the moves of Open Hills Palms.
  • Nan Shan Quan - South Mountain Fist - One of Nan XiRen's martial art.
  • Yi Xing Huan Wei - Altering Form Changing Position - Sha TongTian's martial art
  • Da Shou Yin (大手印) - Distinguished Big Hand - LingZhi ShangRen's martial art
  • Shuang Zhang Yi Shan (双掌移山) - Mountain Moving Double Palms - It's Zhang A'Sheng's martial art. A quick, powerful, and fast palms strike style and it used great external strength. One sample stance was "Opening the Windows to View the Moon" (推窗送月)(Pinyin: tuī chuāng sòng yuè) where Zhang A'Sheng displayed to catch the vat filled with wine that Qiu ChuJi threw at him.
  • Tie Zhang (铁掌) - Iron Palm - Qiu QianRen's martial art which is also to be the name of his school.


  • Jiu Yin Bai Gu Zhao (九陰白骨爪) - 9 Yin White Bone Claws - Both Mei ChaoFeng and Chen XuanFeng learned this skill without having a deep understanding from the first volume of Jiu Yin Zhen Jing. They followed the instruction of the second volume of Jiu Yin Zhen Jing literally. The second volume only stated to concentrate energy in the five fingers and firmly attack the enemy's head. They didn't know that in this case, the enemy's head means the enemy's vital points. Thus, they practiced this skill using real skulls.


  • Tan Zhi Shen Tong - (弹指神通)- Divine Flicking Finger
  • Yi Yang Zhi (一阳指) - Solitary Yang Finger
  • Lan Hua Fu Xue Shou (蘭花拂穴手) - Orchid Accupoint Brushing Hand - One of Peach Blossom Island's martial arts which relies upon speed, accuracy, surprise and purity. Of these, purity was the most important. It requires graceful execution and an easy, relaxed manner to execute properly, as if the person using it had not a care in the world. If it was executed with too much urgency or viciousness then it would lose its advantage in a fight.
  • Tou Gu DianXue Fa (透骨打穴法) - Bone Penetrating DianXue Skill - White Camel Mountain's type of Acupoint sealing technique.


  • Yu Xiao Jian Fa (玉箫剑法) - Jade Flute Swordplay - One of Peach Blossom Island martial arts created by Huang YaoShi.
  • Swordsmanship of Common Demise - Swordplay of the QuanZhen Sect.
  • Yue Nu Jian Fa - The Sword of the Yue Maiden - It's a sophisticated swordplay technique of Han XiaoYing's martial art. This sword skill was smooth and contained subtle changes and was a powerful skill.
  • Luo Han Dao Fa - Buddhist Worthy One Saber style. It's Monk Kumu's saber martial art style.
  • AiLao Shan Jian - Mount AiLao 36 swords technigue. It was considered as one of the best offensive sword technique in Wulin. The Scholar's martial art.


  • Da Gou Bang Fa (打狗棒) - Dog Beating Stick Technique - The 36 stances of the Dog Beating Stick Technique can only be passed down from one Clan Leader to the next without letting anyone else know about the skill. Although the name of the Dog Beating Stick Technique was crude, the changes within were subtle and the techniques profound, and was one of the best martial arts skills ever created. It was thus that this skill was passed down like a precious heirloom.
  • Ling She Zhang Fa - Spirit Snake Staff technique - Ouyang Feng's powerful and malevolent staff martial art said to be the equal of the Dog Beating Stick style. This unique staff technique also used 2 real vipers with potent venom entwined on it. Due to the nature of the venomous staff and the vipers, the strong force produced by the stance was enough to make an opponent to breathe with difficulty or poisoned.
  • Fu Mo Zhang Fa - Demon Subduing Staff technique is Ke Zhen'E's martial art. It consisted 72 stances or moves. He painstakingly trained this martial art to perfection while in Mongolia desert to counter blinded Mei ChaoFeng. It was created so that Mei ChaoFeng cannot evade it even though she could hear the staff's wind.


  • Tian Gang Bei Dou Zhen (天罡北斗阵) - The Big Dipper Formation is a combined forces of 7 people using QuanZhen most refined martial arts. The variation of both QuanZhen's swordplay and palms strike provide a wide arrange of both offensive and defensive stances. The variance of swordplay and palms stances in addition with inner energy are truly complementing each others.
  • Bi Hai Chao Sheng Qu (碧海潮生曲) - Jade Tidal Wave Tune - Powerful attack skill from Huang YaoShi. The user converts his/her own inner strength into lethal piercing sound wave when playing a special piece of music with a flute.
  • Jian Bi Zhen - Strong Wall Formation - A formation used by the Beggar Clan. It consisted of sixteen or seventeen people forming 2 rows with their arms linked one to another forming a wall. The human walls will push forward wavelike from rows of after rows.
  • Qi Jue Zhen - Seven Lethal Needle - Ying Gu's martial art to counter Reverend YiDeng's acupoint sealing technique. Ying Gu created Qi Jue Zhen from her inspiration of embroidery skill. She wore a tiny golden hoop on the tip of her right hand index finger with approximately 3 fen in length (1 cm) of needle. The needle tip was dipped in poison.
  • Ni Qiu Gong - Mud Loach Maneuver - Ying Gu created this martial art based on watching loach diving and moving around in the mud. It was a very effective defensive maneuver technique that made her body felt slippery.
  • She Xi Fa - Peng ZhanLoa's mind trick technique
  • Fu Gu Shen (附骨针) - Bone Penetrating Needle - One of Peach Blossom Island martial arts. Once the needle entered a body, it will attach itself the bone and slowly dispenses poison. The poison will work after a year. 6 times a day, following the circulation of the blood, the poison will cause excruciating pain. But it will not kill the person immediately. It could take a person a year or two for that person to die slowly from the pain. If that person tried to channel his or her internal energy to counter the pain, the more he or she does so the greater the pain. A normal person would only grit his or her teeth when in pain. Using internal energy to suppress the pain would be like drinking poison to satisfy the thirst because the next attack would be more intense than the previous ones. There is no antidote for this poison and only Huang YaoShi will be able to neutralize it.
  • Xuan Feng Sao Ye Tui Fa (旋風掃葉腿) - Sweeping Leaves Whirlwind Leg - One of martial arts created by Huang YaoShi. The energy to drive the technique must be developed internally. Huang YaoShi gave passed this martial art to Lu ChengFeng. He told him he would be able to walk with a cane after 5 or 6 years if he diligently practiced and progressed.
  • Wu Xing Chi Men (五行八卦阵) - Five Elements Open Gateway - It is based on five-elements technique according to Zhuge Liang's maze-laying arts and the past. It's an Eight Trigrams tactic area formation of Peach Blossom Island and it is a maze like area full of traps. Not only the technique uses the Eight Trigrams changes and Five Elements variations but it also uses Yin and Yang elements as well. The Five Elements variations used "Jiu Gong" (Nine Halls) as its foundation. The Jiu Gong diagram is constructed like the pattern on turtle shell. Two and Four are the shoulders; Eight and Nine are the feet; Three on the left and Seven on the right while Five occupies the center. The island is well known and secluded because of the Five Elements Open Gateway and the island master Huang YaoShi prohibits people to enter. A similar Five Elements Open Gateway formation was also found in Lu ChengFeng's Cloud Manor who was one of the six disciples of Huang YaoShi. It is one of the skills Huang YaoShi most proud. He had expanded and developed new interpretations and variations of the original technique he learned from his ancestor.
  • Man Tian Hua Yu Zhi Jin Zhen - Blossoms Rain From the Sky - Needles throwing style to hit simultaneously a person's vital areas.
  • Tou Gu Ding (透骨釘) - Bone Penetrating Nail - Secret projectile technique of Ouyang Ke which based on the Bone Penetrating DianXue Skill.
  • Yang Jia Qiang Fa (杨家枪法) - Yang Family Spear martial art passed down from Yang ZaiXin who was Yang TieXin's great grandfather. It has 72 stances and it can be used with any long weapons such a staff or even a pitchfork. Poisonous Dragon Coming Out from the Cave, Return Horse Spear, White Rainbow in the Sky, and Madly Deafening Spring Thunder are a few of the ferocious stances. The martial art was made famous by Yang ZaiXin when he took on forty thousands Jin soldiers at the battle of Little Merchant Bridge with only three hundred Song soldiers. Only the male of the Yang family learned this martial art and it was intended to be used on a horseback.
  • Fen Jing Cuo Gu Shou - Disconnect the Muscles and Separating the Bones technique. Zhu Cong's martial art. Zhuang Shi Duan Wan (Strong Soldier Breaks the Wrist) and Xiao Yu Jie Yi (Jokes Will Undo the Jaws) are some of the moves. It focuses on dislocating or breaking the opponent's bones using fast methods attacking opponent's limbs, skull, and neck bones. Zhu Cong thought of this style to counter Mei ChaoFeng's Jiu Yin Bai Gu Zhao. Zhu Cong re-created the original ShaoLin style and analyzed it with Quan JinFa to pass it down to Guo Jing. Some of the stances are similar to QinNa
  • Jin Long Bian Fa - Golden Dragon Whip technique - Han BaoJu's martial art. This kind of flexible weapon skill required particularly close attention; if one didn’t master all the refinements of it, not only would you not reach the enemy, but you risked getting injured by it yourself. One powerful stance was Feng Juan Yun Can (Wind Swirling the Crippled Cloud)(风卷云残).
  • Silver Whip of Two Zhangs - One of Mei ChaoFeng's martial arts. Her Poison Silver Dragon Whip (Du Long Yin Bian) is roughly about 20 feet in length with 10 iron hooks at the end. Mei ChaoFeng took the essence of White Python whip technique (Bai Mang Bian Fa - 白蟒鞭法) from Nine Yin True Classic manual.
  • Miao Shou Kong Kong Zhi Ji (妙手空空之技) - Empty Magical Pick-Pocket skills - One of Zhu Cong's martial art skills that he could steal anything on intended person without that person knowing.
  • GaiBang Zhen Fa (丐幫陣法) - Beggars Clan Wall Formation.

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