Seven Freaks of JiangNan

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Members of this group are ordered by their ranking within the group.

Ke Zhen'E is described as ill-tempered and easily aggravated, and is best known for being blinded in combat against his mortal enemies, Mei ChaoFeng (梅超風) and Chen XuanFeng (陳玄風), who practiced what was thought to be perverted and heretical martial arts. Due to his disability (which he is very sensitive about,) Ke Zhen'E has developed a very acute sense of hearing, and is highly skilled in projectile weapons called Poisonous Water Caltrop (Du Ling). His ability to fight while blind earned him the name "Flying Bat Soaring through the Sky". He is the strongest of all the Freaks and his weapon of choice is an iron staff. He lives in Ke Jia Cun (Ke Family Village).

Zhu Cong is described to be highly learned, often seen reciting literary works, and is a skilled illusionist. He is first introduced stealing from the Jin empire prince, Wanyan HongLie (完顏洪烈). Zhu Cong often astounds his opponents by his illusory skills, and is the master of blocking acupoints. His weapon of choice is a fan which he uses as an extension of his arm to hit vital points. Zhu Cong can effortlessly pick anything from anybody's pocket. His nickname is Magic Hand Scholar

Han Baoju is described as a master horseman, with a comically short and round appearance. He has a yellow divine steed called "Pursuit of Wind".

Nan Xiren has the appearance of a lumberjack. He is the quietest of the seven, but his words are the most direct. When the Seven Freaks considered giving up on Guo Jing because of his lack of talent with martial arts, Nan Xiren made the pertinent point: he was able to accomplish martial arts skills despite not being highly gifted at a young age. This gave the other Freaks hope. Nan Xiren's weapon of choice is a walking stick.

Zhang A'sheng is a strong man who has the appearance of a butcher. He is the first to die of the Freaks, killed by the claws of Chen Xuanfeng during combat in Mongolia. Zhang A'sheng is known for always wearing a smile, and relies on his size and brute strength to overcome his opponents. He has been in love with Han Xiaoying for a long time, but could never bring himself to tell her his feelings until he lay dying.

Quan JinFa has the appearance of a city vendor. Because of Ke Zhen'E's disability, Quan JinFa and Ke Zhen'E worked tirelessly to perfect a system where Quan Jinfa spoke in code, and Ke Zhen'e would be able to precisely fire his projectiles. Quan JinFa's weapon of choice is a peculiar wrought iron scale. The beam of the scale was as thick as a child's arm. The balance weight is used as flying hammer to strike Quan JinFa's opponents.

Han Xiaoying is described to be the only female Freak and quite pretty. Of the Seven Freaks of Jiangnan, Han Xiaoying is the most compassionate to Guo Jing. Han Xiaoying is well-versed in the Yue Maiden Swordplay. Obviously, Han Xiaoying's weapon of choice is her trusty sword. She was in love with Zhang Ahsheng.

After Zhang A'sheng's death, the rest of the Freaks live on for over a decade before Zhu Cong, Nan Xiren, Han Baoju, Quan Jinfa, and Han Xiaoying are murdered by Ouyang Feng (歐陽鋒) and Yang Kang (楊康) inside the crypt for Huang Rong's mother. Quan Jinfa is slain not far from the inner entrance; Zhu Cong dies in front of the sacrificial table while Han Baoju is killed by the infamous claws beside the sacrcophagus. His sister commits suicide with her sword while his horse had already died in the Peach Tree Grove at Ouyang's hands - his chains had also been shattered in that location, fulfilling what he had always taught Guo Jing: "the person is alive when the chain is whole; when the chain is not whole its master is no longer alive." Nan Xiren dies a slow, excruciating death through Ouyang's poison and his tongue was torn out. Ke Zhen'e is the sole survivor among the Freaks, and lives on to appear to near the very end of The Return of the Condor Heroes (sequel to Legend of the Condor Heroes) nearly forty years later.