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The QuanZhen Sect martial art is based on characters "empty" (Gong) and "soft (Ruo). It was called so because lacking accomplishment does not necessarily mean weak, lacking fullness does not necessarily mean empty.

The Seven Masters of QuanZhen were the second generation students of Central Divinity Wang ChongYang. The seven masters all had a strong internal power base that was above average during their era. This was due to the QuanZhen Internal Cultivation techniques, which had no limits and would even increase during sleep. The seven masters knew most of the QuanZhen arts such as the QuanZhen palm styles and sword techniques. Their best skill however was The Big Dipper Formation. When used by the seven masters, the formation was powerful enough to eventually subdue even a Great-level fighter.

Qiu ChuJi - Eternal Spring. He's the 4th. He has a red mole on his left cheek.

Ma Yu - Scarlet Sun. He's the first disciple of Wang ChongYang.

Tan ChuDuan - Eternal Truth. He's the 2nd disciple.

Liu ChuXuan - Eternal Life. He's the 3rd ranked.

Wang ChuYi - Jade Sun. He's the 5th disciple. Once on a bet with Qiu ChuJi, he stood close to an abyss on one foot in a violent wind. The large crowd in Shandong, Hebei province who witnessed the feat gave him a nickname Foot of Iron. He lived as reclusive in an underground cave for 9 years practicing martial art.

Hao DaTong - Infinite Peace. He's number 6. He's big and tall and his appearance looked like that of government official.

Sun Bu'Er - Sage of Tranquility. She's disciple number 7 and she was Ma Yu's wife prior joining the Sect.

Chen YaoJia - She's the student of Sun Bu'Er. She was kidnapped by Ouyang Ke and rescued by Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Hong QiGong and the Beggar Clan.