QuanZhen Sect

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Qiu ChuJi - Eternal Spring. He's the 4th.

Ma Yu - Scarlet Sun. He's the first disciple of Wang ChongYang.

Tan ChuDuan - Eternal Truth. He's the 2nd disciple.

Liu ChuXuan - Eternal Life. He's the 3rd ranked.

Wang ChuYi - Jade Sun. He's the 5th disciple. Once on a bet with Qiu ChuJi, he stood close to an abyss on one foot in a violent wind. The large crowd in Shandong, Hebei province who witnessed the feat gave him a nickname Foot of Iron. He lived as reclusive in an underground cave for 9 years practicing martial art.

Hao DaTong - Infinite Peace. He's number 6.

Sun Bu'Er - Sage of Tranquility. She's disciple number 7 and she was Ma Yu's wife prior joining the Sect.