Nan XiRen

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Nan XiRen was about thirty or so. His appearance looked like a lumberjack with with a belt made of straw around his waist and straw sandals on his feet. His hands and feet were huge and his face appeared without emotion. Nan XiRen is the 4th brother of the Seven Freaks of JiangNan.

He carried a black and smooth all over with a slight curve in the middle and two little caps on either end iron pole as his weapon. This pole was heavy and it was made of iron or some other kind of heavy metal. A wooden handle ax hung from his waist and there were some noticeable dents on the blade of the ax.


  • Family name: Nan (南)
  • Given name: XiRen (希仁)
  • Nickname: Lumberjack of the Southern Mountain (南山樵)(Pinyin: nánshān qiáo)
  • Gender: Male
  • Disciple: Guo Jing
  • Weapon: Heavy iron pole and a wooden handle ax.

Nan XiRen's Martial Arts

  • Stick Attacking Techniques
  • Kai Shan Zhang Fa (Open Hills Palms Techniques)
  • Cang Ying Bu Tu (The Hawk Hunting Rabbits body twisting Techniques)
  • Qiu Feng Sao Luo Ye (Autumn Winds Sweeping the Fallen Leaves Techniques)
  • Tie Nu Tian Di (Iron Bull Tilling the Land Palm Techniques)