Ling She Zhang Fa

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Ouyang Feng's staff technique was unique that he combined the cudgel, stick, and spear techniques; the movements were complicated. The staff itself was made of steel; the head of the staff resembled a human head; its mouth grinned ferociously, looked very fearsome. Two rows of sharp teeth inside its mouth were covered with poison. The head danced around like a ghost ready to strike its victim. On top of that, there was a secret button on the staff that when pressed the head would shoot some poison toward the enemy. If those weren't enough, fiercer still were the two silver-scaled vipers slithered around the staff. They were alive and able to make unpredictable moves; very difficult to guard against. Ouyang Feng lost the original snake staff after he fought with Hong QiGong for the third time on the sunken and burning ship.

Ouyang Feng had spent more than ten years to raise the silver-scaled vipers on his staff. They were breed from various venomous snakes so the poison was very lethal and unmatched. Ouyang Feng used to punish his rebellious disciples or his enemy by a bite of these snakes. Once the poison entered someone's system, the victim would suffer a terrible itch all over, followed by a violent death. If the person had excellence martial art, he or she won't die immediately. However, within 64 days, half of the body will be paralyzed forever. Ouyang Feng did have the antidote; but after the poison entered one's body, even if the antidote could save one's life, one would lose all one's martial arts and would forever live as a disabled person. In order to make the antidote, it required to process the ingredients for 3 successive winters and summers.