Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre

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The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Slaying Sabre
2nd edition of HSDS
2nd edition cover page
Book Information
Author Jin Yong (金庸)
Original Title Yi Tian Tu Long Ji (倚天屠龙记)
Publication Date 1961
Media Type Hardcover
Country Hong Kong
Publisher Ming Pao
Chapters Initial Ed. 112 Ch.; Revised Ed. 40 Ch.
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The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Slaying Sabre is also most commonly known as Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre by wuxia fans (Traditional Chinese: 倚天屠龍記; Simplified Chinese: 倚天屠龙记; Pinyin:yǐ tiān tú lóng jì). It's a novel by Jin Yong or Louis Cha. This novel is the third and final part of the Condor Heroes trilogy. Set approximately around a hundred years after the second part, The Return of the Condor Heroes. The story revolves around a pair of powerful weapons known as the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre.

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  • HSDS Initial Edition - There are 112 chapters in the initial edition of the novel with 28 volumes of 4 chapters each. Each chapter has a title with 4 characters. It was titled "The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Sabre".
  • HSDS Revised Edition - There are 40 chapters in the revised edition of the novel with 4 volumes of 10 chapters each. Each chapter has a title with 7 characters. This revised edition changed the title to "Relying on Heaven for the Slaughter of the Dragon".



Main characters

  • Zhang Wuji (張無忌) - Zhang Wuji
  • Zhou Zhiruo (周芷若)
  • Zhao Min (趙敏) (Zhao Ming) - in the original version of the novel, she was named Zhao Ming as in "bright/clear". The revised version she was changed to Zhao Min as in "quick/intelligent".

Yuan Court

  • Chaghan Temür (察罕特穆兒) - The Ruyang Prince (汝陽王) is the father of Zhao Min and Wang BaoBao.
  • Köke Temür (擴廓帖木兒) - He is the older brother of Zhao Min. He is better known by his Han Chinese name Wang BaoBao (王保保).
  • Zhao Min (趙敏) - Her birth name Minmin Temür (敏敏特穆儿) and a royal title "Shao Min Princess" (紹敏郡主)
  • Lu Zhangke (鹿杖客) - 1st brother of XuanMing Elders (玄冥二老)
  • He Biweng (鶴筆翁) - 2nd brother of XuanMing Elders (玄冥二老)
  • Cheng Kun (成昆) - Thunder Hand Lightning Flash (雷震電閃)
  • Ku TouTuo (苦頭陀) - Fan Yao's disguise when he infiltrated Ruyang Palace as one of Zhao Min's masters. He went to the Western Region, broke his own calf and cut his face in order to perfected his disguise.
  • A-Da (阿大) - Formerly known as Eight Arm Divine Swordsman Fang DongBai (方东白). He was one of the head of the four elders of the Beggar Clan. He earned his nickname for unusually fast with the sword that it seemed like he had seven or eight arms. It was assumed that he died of a serious illness. However, he may have been saved by the Mongols that led him to pledge his loyalty due to his gratitude for saving his life. His appearance looked like a dried up old man. This man's body was slender, his face was set in a frown and full of wrinkles. His expression was one of a person who had just been defeated in a fight or a person whose wife and children had recently died. Just looking at his face made the onlookers feel sad and want to cry for him.
  • A-Er (阿二) - A-Er was fellow of short stature. His head was smooth and oily and totally bald, the Tai Yang pressure points on both sides were depressed to about half an inch deep. He is the older martial art brother of A-San. A-Er was a unique member of the “Vajra School”. Born with powerful strength, he took a different course from the rest and cultivated profound inner power. His achievements in this category have long surpassed that of his school's founder, the kitchen worker monk. Few people have managed to last more than three stances against him.
  • A-San (阿三) - A-San was a strong-looking man with the power of a tiger. His face, hands and neck were bulging muscle. His whole body was full of energy, just like it was about to explode outwards. There was a mole with long hairs growing out of it on his left cheek. He'd achieved the highest level of orthodox Buddhist martial arts, Vajra Taming Demon Divinity skill. He was the one who injured Yu DaiYan.
  • Gang Xiang (刚相) - A-San's younger martial art brother. He disguised as KongXiang to attack and injure Zhang SanFeng. He was an expert in Diamond Vajra Palm skill.
  • Zha Ya Min - He gave himself a Han name "Zhao Qiang". His Mongolian name is Prince Zhayadu.

Eight Divine Archers from Green Willow Mountain Manor

The order sequence of the Eight Divine Archers (神箭八雄) is by their names. They are Shang, Bai, Hui, Cui, Shu, Po, Mie, and Shuai. They are the guardians of Zhao Min.

Ming Cult

The Ming Cult (明教) originated from Persia and spread into the Central Plains during the Tang Dynasty.


  • Fang La (方腊) - Ming Cult's leader during the Song Dynasty. He staged a rebellion in the east of ZheJiang for the cause of common people. It was during this era that a Song officer named Wang JuZheng (王居正) made a report to the Emperor. He reported that prior Fang La's ban, the Ming Cult did not spread widely. Due to the teaching of simplicity life of Ming Cult that common people follow and were able to expand. Fang La's legend inspired Zhang WuJi to rise against the Yuan Court.
  • Chief Shi - the 31st leader of the Ming Cult. During his reign the Sacred Fire Token of Central Plains' Ming Cult was lost.
  • Yang DingTian (陽頂天) (Yang Potian) - the 33rd leader of the Ming Cult.

Two Ambassadors

Four Great Protection Lords

  • Dai QiSi (黛綺絲) - Purple Robed Dragon King (紫衫龍王) - she is one of the three Holy Maiden sent by Persian Ming Cult to Central Plains.
  • Xie Xun (謝遜) - Golden Mane Lion King (金毛獅王)
  • Yin TianZheng (殷天正) - White Brows Eagle King (白眉鷹王)
  • Wei YiXiao (韋一笑) - Green Winged Bat King (青翼蝠王) - Wei YiXiao had been a strange person all his life. If there was anything other people are afraid of doing or would refuse to do, he would be more than happy to do it.

Five Free Recluses (五散人)

  • Zhou Dian (周顛) - Totter Chou or the Lunatic (瘋子).
  • Leng Qian (冷謙) - Mr. Cool Face (冷臉先生).
  • Shuo Bu De (Can't Tell) (說不得) - Monk Sack (布袋和尚)
  • Peng YingYu (彭莹玉) - Monk Peng (彭和尚)
  • Zhang Zhong (張中) - Iron Crest Priest (TieGuan)(鐵冠道人)

Five Elemental Banners

  • Yan Yuan (颜垣) - He is the Deep Earth Banner (厚土旗) leader. He's short and fat, as round as a drum. His appearance was very comical. Yet, his movements were very agile.
  • Zhuang Zheng (莊錚) - He's the Golden Metal Banner (銳金旗) leader. He's in an expert in Mace martial skill. He also possesses incredible arms strength to wield his weapon of choice. It is said that he is an adept to both internal and external martial arts. He was killed by MieJue.
    • Wu JinCao (吳勁草) - He replaced Zhuang Zheng as the leader of the Golden Metal Banner. Zhang Wuji places him in charge of reforging the damaged Dragon Sabre.
  • Tang Yang (唐洋) - He is the leader of the Flooding Water Banner (洪水旗).
  • Wen CangSong (聞蒼松) - He's the leader of the Great Wood Banner (巨木旗).
  • Xin Ran (辛然) - He's the leader of the Raging Fire Banner (烈火旗).


  • Hu QingNiu (胡青牛) - Healing Sage of Butterfly Valley.
  • Wang NanGu - Hu Qingniu's estranged wife who is also known as Sage of Poisons
  • Hu QingYang - Hu QingNiu's sister who committed suicide after she was left behind by XianYu Tong while she was pregnant. XianYu Tong left her to pursue to become the master of the School of Mount Hua by marrying the daughter of the former master.
  • Xiao Zhao (小昭) - The daughter of Purple Robed Dragon King also known as Dai QiSi and Han Qianye, Master Silver Leaf of Snake Island. She looks unlike the women of Central Plains. She is described with skin especially white, nose a bit taller, and eyes as blue as the sea. She was like a lotus flower in the glow of dawn, raising feelings of tender affection in people's hearts. She's a beautiful young girl with a sweet smile After her experience with Zhang WuJi in the secret passageway of Guang Ming Peak, she devoted herself to serve him as a servant. Later, she agreed to become Persian's Ming Cult chief in order to save her mother life from the Persian's Ming Cult envoys.
  • Chang YuChun (常遇春) - He became Zhang WuJi's sworn brother during the time at Butterfly Valley. Indebted to Zhang SanFeng, he vowed to ask Hu QingNiu to cure Zhang WuJi's deadly sickness. When Hu QingNiu refused to cure Zhang WuJi, he exchange his own life for Zhang WuJi. During the short period at Butterfly Valley, Zhang WuJi had been reading Hu QingNiu's medical books and he was able to cure Chang YuChun's Heart Splitting Palm's injury although it shortened his life by 40 years. He is under the commander of the Gigantic Wood Banner of the Ming Cult. His rank is rather low within Ming Cult, but everyone respect him not only because he's the Ming Cult's leader sworn brother but also for his gallantry.
  • Han ShanTong - Ming Sect's rebel leader that has many success fighting against the Yuan Court.
  • Yang BuHui (杨不悔) - Daughter of Yang Xiao and Ji XiaoFu. She can be described as pretty as a picture with a pair of big and dark eyes.
  • Xu Da (徐达) - He was once saved Zhang WuJi's life.

  • Zhou ZiWang - Elder Mi Le's disciple. He started a revolution in the Jiang Xi province, proclaiming himself Emperor, calling his Dynasty ‘Zhou’. It was soon destroyed by the Yuan Court and he was executed.

Heavenly Eagle Cult (天鷹教)

The Heavenly Eagle Cult (Tian Ying Sect) is divided into three inner halls and five outer chambers. Each division has their own followers. The three inner halls are divided into Celestial Mystery, Purple Secret, and Heavenly City halls. The five outer chambers are divided into Green Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Red Sparrow, and Divine Serpent branches. It was founded by Yin TianZheng, one of the Four Great Protection Lord of Ming Sect. It was the breakaway sect after the disappearance of Yang DingTian.

  • Yin Li (殷離) - Zhu Er (蛛兒)
  • Yin WuFu (殷无福) - A fifty years old servant from the Cult. His name means "un-blessed". He along with Yin WuLu and Yin WuShou have servant names that are uncommon. He has a distinctive very long scar left by a saber that stretched from the right corner of his forehead all the way downwards, passing over the tip of the nose and stopping at the far left corner of his lips.
  • Yin WuLu (殷无禄) - He's a servant from Heavenly Eagle Cult who is about the same age as Yin WuFu. His name is literally means "un-prosperous". His face is filled with pockmarks making his appearance very ugly and unpleasant. Although they acted as servants but in terms of martial arts, there were a few famed martial art fighters that could compete with them.
  • Yin WuShou (殷无寿) - He's the third servant from Heavenly Eagle Cult. His name is literally means "no lengevity". Yin WuShou along with Yin WuFu and Yin WuLu were great bandits ruled over the Southwestern regions. They were all saved by Yin TianZheng twenty years earlier. All three of them vowed to serve Yin TianZheng as his servants for the remaining of their lives. They acted as servants and casted their family names. Yin WuShou parted to KaiFeng City to confront Tan RuiLai at the time the three of them assigned to bring wedding gifts for Zhang CuiShan.
3 Inner Halls
  • Yin Yewang (殷野王) - He is the Leader of the Hall of Celestial Mystery or Heaven's Secret Hall. He is the older brother of Yin SuSu.
  • Yin SuSu (殷素素) - Daughter of the founder of Heavenly Eagle Cult, Yin TianZheng. She is the wife of Zhang CuiShan and the mother of Zhang WuJi. Within the Heavenly Eagle Cult, she is the Leader of the Hall of the Purple Secret. She is benign by nature and due to the environment of her up bringing in the Cult, it made her to be cruel and merciless. Her temperament subsided a great deal after she married with Zhang CuiShan. Her straightforward tendencies earned the respect of Yu LianZhou.
  • Li TianYuan (李天垣) - Younger martial brother of the founder of Heavenly Eagle Cult, Yin TianZheng. He is the leader of Hall of Heavenly City (天市堂), one of inner halls of the cult.
5 Outer Chambers
  • Cheng ChaoFeng (程嘲風) - He is the Altar Leader of Azure Dragon (青龍壇) or Green Dragon Chamber.
  • Gao ShanWang (高山王) - He is the Altar Leader of White Tiger (白虎壇) Chamber.
  • Bai Guishou (白龜壽) - He is the Altar Leader of the Black Tortoise (玄武壇) or Black Valiant Chamber. He has 10 sub-leaders under his command. He was killed by Ding MinJun of Emei.
  • Chang JinPeng (常金鵬) - He is a fifty-some year old man acting as the Altar Leader of the Vermilion Sparrow (朱雀壇) or Red Sparrow Chamber. He uses two dark green watermelon size balls made of steel connected by a long chain. He possesses incredible strength to use sixty to seventy pound weapon with such ease. He was slain by Xie Xun at Wangpan Shan Island during the Dragon Saber meeting.
  • Feng GongYing (封弓影) - He is the Altar Leader of Divine Serpent (神蛇壇) Chamber.

Persian Ming Cult (波斯明教)

Three Emissaries of Wind,Cloud and Moon (風雲月三使) - The three most powerful martial artist of the Persian Ming Cult. They are three messengers who are in charge of safekeeping the Holy Flame Scepters.

Guardian Kings (寶樹王)

The twelve guardian kings of the Ming Cult's main headquarters in Persia. They come to China in search of Dai QiSi and bring her back to Persia. Four of them make an appearance in the novel and are listed as follows:

Shaolin Monastery (少林派)

The Shaolin Monastery lies below Wuru Peak at the northern foot of Shaoshi Hill of Mount Songshan in Henan Province.The righteous realm always have Shaolin as its leader. The saying goes "All martial arts originate from Shaolin" since it was founded by Master Damo. Shaolin has never lacked of quality experts. It has experts from palms skills, swordplay, internal strength and light body skills. All of them are some of the finest in the martial realms.


  • Kucheng - He is the first Shaolin's Abbot to impose a new rule that no one was allowed to learn Shaolin martial arts without a master teaching him. The punishment was death in the worst scenario or disabling the martial art by snapping muscles and veins on the arms and legs.
  • Kuzhi - An elder of Damo Hall who was killed by HuoGong Tou Tuo during the yearly Shaolin's contest. His death incident lead to the creation of the new rule imposed by Abbot Kucheng. Decades later, it was the rule that expelled Zhang Junbao (Zhang Sanfeng) from Shaolin.
  • Kuwei - Formerly the head of LuoHan Hall of Shaolin during Abbot Kucheng era. He left Shaolin after an intense argument over the murder of the Shaolin's head of the kitchen and 5 other monks by HuoGong Tou Tuo. He later founded the Western Shaolin Monastery.


  • TianMing (天鸣) - He is the Abbot of Central Plains or Northern Region Shaolin almost 100 years before the re-emergence of the Dragon Saber. He's an enlightened monk with a broad minded view of the Martial world during his era. It could be said that Jiu Yang Zhen Jin manual was stolen under his Shaolin watch.
  • Pan TianGeng - As the eldest among the 3 Western Region Shaolin, he is a Wei Tuo or Demon Subduing swordsmanship expert. He is a hot tempered palish looking tall and skinny monk. All 3 of the Western Shaolin monks are in the same character Tian generation with Abbot Tianming. This is the one of the reasons He Zudao challenged Shaolin to measure his skills. One other reason that Pan Tiangeng and his 2 martial brothers traveled to Shaolin is to prove Western Region Shaolin is greater than that of the Central Plains.
  • Fang TianLao - He is a Damo swordsmanship expert from Western Region Shaolin. He is the second of the martial art brothers of Pan Tiangeng and Wei Tianwang. This reddish faced monk is the friendliest among the three.
  • Wei TianWang - He is the youngest martial art brothers out of the 3 Western Region Shaolin monks. He can be described to have a cinnabar colored complexion. He came along to the Central Plains with his 2 elder martial brothers carrying the challenge by He Zudao to Shaolin. The 3 of them are disciples of Western Shaolin Master GuWei.


  • WuSe (无色) - Head of the Luohan Hall of Shaolin during Abbot TianMing era. He has a profound knowledge of Buddhist teaching and studied Zen for many years. A former robber in his early days and he is very straightforward person. Wuse is an enlightened monk who believes all creatures were the same. As a friend of Yang Guo, Wuse helped him burned down the supplies and gunpowder of Mongolian army near Xiang Yang during Guo Xiang's 16th birthday. He gave 2 Luohan Arhat statues for Guo Xiang as her birthday gift. He was also present to hear partials of Jiu Yang Zhen Jing from Jue Yan's deathbed recital.
  • WuXiang (无相) - He is Head of the Damo Hall of Shaolin during Abbot TianMing era. A skinny and a little bit hot tempered monk with a solid internal strength. He is a no nonsense person who abide to the monastery rules. His skills level are on par with the 3 Western Region Shaolin monks.


  • XiangMing - He was the chief disciple of the Elder of JieLu Hall (Disciplinary Hall) of Shaolin during Abbot TianMing era. He and XianYang were assigned to keep an eye on JueYuan.
  • XiangYang - He's the younger martial art brother of XianMing.



  • KongJian (空见) - The word "Jian" in his name means "See". He was killed by Xie Xun. He revealed to Xie Jun that concealed within the Dragon Sabre was a martial arts manual that can render its practitioner invincibility and the ability to conquer and dominate the whole martial arts world. KongJian was deceived by Cheng Kun to accept him as his disciple. He tried to prevent Xie Xun from further killing of innocent people in order to draw out Cheng Kun. KongJian told Xie Xun to strike him thirteen times, and if he lives, Xie Xun must give up his vengeful quest. If he died after the thirteen strikes, then Xie Xun's enemy will appear and they will have to resolve all enmity between them. After Xie Xun hit KongJian thirteen times, the monk cannot withstand the force of the attacks and died. At that moment, KongJian also realized that he had been tricked. Even as he lay dying, his disciple did not appear. Instead, Xie Xun was so moved by this monk's act of love and forgiveness that he realized how wrong his past actions were. It was in Xie Xun's arms that KongJian breathes his last breath. From that day onwards, Xie Xun promised never to kill another innocent person to force his mortal enemy out of hiding.
  • KongWen - 空闻 - His name "Wen" means "Hear". He's the current Abbot and one of the Four Divine Reverend of Shaolin. His white eyebrows drooped downwards to almost cover over his eyes, very much like a long browed LoHan.
  • KongZhi - 空智 - The word "Zhi" in his name is commonly means "Intellect". He has a whole face marked by sorrow, and even the corners of his mouth turned downwards.
  • KongXing - 空性 - The word "Xing" in his name means "Instincts". He's one of the Divine Reverend with a robust and broad body shape, while his expression was similarly forceful and quite commanding. He was killed by A-San.


  • YuanZhen
  • YuanXin (圆心) - He along with Yuanyin and Yuanye were each blinded in their right eyes by Yin SuSu's Silver (Mosquito) Needles on the riverside of LinAn's City XiHu (West Lake House.


  • HuiFeng (慧风) - He was the surviving witness to the massacre of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency. He was killed by Yin SuSu's Silver Needles at the riverside of the XiHu in LinAn City.
  • HuiNeng - He infiltrated Shaolin as Zhao Min's spy.
  • HuiGuang - A Shaolin disciple in charge of gathering firewoods.


  • Zhang JunBao (张君宝) - This very tall, big eyes and a thick eyebrows monk was JueYuan's understudy. He stayed at Shaolin until he was expelled after He ZuDao's incident. Both Zhang JunBao and Guo Xiang received partials of Jiu Yang Zhen Jing from JueYuan's recital on his deathbed. During his journey to XiangYang at the request of Guo Xiang, he envisioned having self reliance which lead him to go up to Mount Wudang instead. He created a martial theory based on "Gentleness can overcome Fierceness" which was derived from the cultivation of Jiu Yang Zhen Jing. Upon seeing the 3 Peaks of Mount Wudang as he roamed around, he changed his name to Zhang SanFeng. He is the founder of Wudang School.
  • JueYuan (觉远) - A pedantic Shaolin monk with extremely powerful internal energy not inferior to any top martial arts expert of that time. He was Zhang JunBao's master. He's responsible to oversee Shaolin's library.
  • Du DaJin - He's the head of Dragon Gate Escort Agency (LongMen). He's also known as Formidable Bear. He's an expert of Shaolin Demon Subduing 24 Palms and 49 Pearls Steel Darts.
  • Chen YouLiang (陳友諒) - In the initial edition of the novel, he was Kong Zhi's disciple then in the revised edition his role was change to disciple of Yuan Zhen (Cheng Kun). He also served as an Eight Pouches elder of the Beggar Clan working as a spy for Cheng Kun. He manipulated Song Qingshu into murdering Mo Shenggu. He managed to black mail Song Qingshu to betray Wudang and unsuccessful attempt to kill Zhang Sanfeng. He helped Cheng Kun to kill Beggar Clan's leader, Shi Huolong. Toward the end, he defected to Ming Sect after Xie Xun defeated Cheng Kun.

Wudang Sect (武當派)

Wudang Sect located in Mount Wudang in Hubei and it was founded 40 years prior the story by an expelled Shaolin's disciple, Zhang JunBao.

First generation

  • Zhang SanFeng (张三丰) - He's the founder of Wudang Sect. As a teen, he was a disciple of Shaolin. He was known as Zhang JunBao (張君寶) at Shaolin under the tutelage of JueYuan (觉远). He was expelled from Shaolin as the direct result of the incident with The 3 Saints of Kunlun at the monastery. Zhang SanFeng is highly respected in Wulin for his morally upright character in addition to his prowess martial arts.

Second generation ( Seven Heroes of Wudang/Wudang Qi Zi (武当七侠) )

  • Song YuanQiao (宋遠橋) - Faraway Bridge - He has profound comprehension of the Book of Changes. He’s humble and forward thinking. He is the father of Song QingShu.
  • Yu LianZhou (俞蓮舟) - Lotus Boat - He is cold on the outside, but warm inside. Among the seven brothers, he is the most stern and jokes the least. Although the younger brothers respect him a great deal, they also fear him much more than their eldest martial brother. Yu LianZhou is also incredibly caring of his brothers. He invented the Tiger Claw Ceasing Bloodline Hand which is a vicious claw technique to attack the groin and castrating the opponent. Having grown up near a river, he has excellent swimming skills. He's considered to be the strongest among the Seven Heroes of Wudang.
  • Yu DaiYan (俞岱巖) - Formidable Rock - He is best at accomplishing tasks. He never failed any job Zhang SanFeng assigned him. His weapon of choice is called Silence Illusory Saber.
  • Zhang SongXi (張松溪) - Pine Stream - The cleverest among the Seven Heroes of Wudang.
  • Zhang CuiShan (張翠山) - Emerald Mountain - The Fifth Hero of Wudang is known as the Silver Hook and Iron Brush for his weapon of choice. He uses a silver tiger hook with his left hand and an iron judge’s brush with his right. He's Zhang SanFeng's most beloved disciple.
  • Yin Liting(殷梨亭) (Yin Liheng) - Pear Pavilion - He uses Thirteen Divine Gate Swords. He's very skillful in swordsmanship, any ordinary sword in his hand will be divinely powerful.
  • Mo ShengGu (莫聲谷) - Sounding Valley - He has the best combination of inner power and outer strength among the 7 martial brothers and to mold soft and hard technique.

Third generation

  • Zhang Wuji (張無忌) - Zhang Wuji
  • Song Qingshu (宋青書)
  • Ling Xu (灵虚) - He's the welcoming Taoist priest. His role to escort guests to Purple Paradise Hall and deliver placard messages.
  • Gu XuZi (谷虚子) - Senior martial art brother in charge when Seven Heroes of Wudang are away. He's Yu DaiYan's disciple.

Fourth generation

Emei Sect (峨嵋派)

Emei Sect is located in Mount Emei in Sichuan and the sect was founded by Guo Xiang.

First generation

  • Guo Xiang - 郭襄 - Founder - She is the second daughter of Guo Jing and Huang Rong. Her nickname was Little Eastern Heretic. At the age of forty, she finally found enlightenment and gave up the search for Yang Guo. She became a nun and created Emei Sect.

Second generation

Third generation

  • MieJue - 灭绝师太 - 3rd Chief. Her Buddhist name literally means "Absolute Annihilation". Exactly as the her name suggested, she's a cold, heartless and merciless. Her swordplay skill is among the top of the martial world.
  • Gu HongZi - Briefly lost the Heavenly Sword after a duel with Yang Xiao where he was defeated. Gu HongZi became depressed about his lost and three days later he died of his depression. The Heavenly Sword then was found by the local authorities and presented as a gift to Ruyang palace. This is the reason that Zhao Min during the event at the Wan'an Temple claimed the Heavenly Sword was rightfully her ancestor's sword. The chained event was also the beginning the enmity between Emei and Ming Cult.

Fourth generation

  • Zhou ZhiRuo - 周芷若 - 4th Chief. She was the daughter of hapless boatman of Han Shui river. Her mother was an aristocrat with a surname Xue.



  • Ji XiaoFu (纪晓芙) - Ji XiaoFu is the unwed mother of Yang BuHui with Yang Xiao. She was engaged to (殷梨亭) Yin LiTing of Wudang's 6th Hero arranged by her father. MieJue intended to make her the next E-Mei's leader. But she was killed by her master, for failing to follow instruction to kill Yang Xiao. She is daughter of the Golden Whip Old Hero Jie in Han Yang City.
  • Ding MinJun (丁敏君) - Elder sister-at-arms of Ji XiaoFu. Bitter toward either Ji XiaoFu or Zhou ZhiRou due to MieJue never intended to pass Emei's legacy or leadership to her. She could be described as devious, self-petty, and envious specially to either Ji XiaoFu or Zhou Zhirou. Out of her envy, she exposed Ji XiaoFu's secret regarding her love for Yang Xiao which led Priestess MieJue to kill Ji XiaoFu. She was also responsible for blinding Peng YingYu after he was helpless. After the death of Priestess MieJue, she tried to scheme Zhou ZhiRuo from becoming the leader of Emei Sect.
  • Bei JinYi (贝锦仪) - Younger sister of martial art of Ding MinJun and Ji XiaoFu.
  • Fang Ping (方碧琳) - He's also known as Golden Hammer. He lived in Kai Feng City of He Nan province as a farmer. He is the natural brother of Priestess Mie Jue. He is one of Xie Xun's victims killing spree. His murder was one of the reasons for Priestess MieJue to have deep animosity with Ming Cult.

Fifth generation


Kunlun Sect (崑崙派)

Located in Mount Kunlun between Tibet and XinJiang. It's a prominent school that's known for its swordsmanship.

  • Priest LingBao - As the Chief of Kunlun Sect, he is highly respected in the Martial world. Although, he is the elder martial art brother of He ZuDao, but his skill is not above his junior.
  • He ZuDao (何足道) - (Not Worth Mentioning) He is the younger brother-at-arms of Chief of Kunlun's LingBao. He established reputation in the Western Region as "The 3 Sages of Kunlun" for versed in art of chess, swordsmanship and zither. He delivered Yin Kexi's last message to Shaolin regarding the stolen Jiu Yang Zhen Jing manuscript. However, he misinterpreted the message to be "the book is in the oil" instead of "the book is in the gorilla". He challenged Shaolin while delivering Yin KeXi's message. He couldn't defeat Zhang JunBao in 10 stances and vowed to never take steps to Central Plains again. He has a garden to commemorate his legacy in the plain of Kunlun. He ZuDao was the last great Kunlun hero as the generation after him could not equal his accomplishment.
  • He TaiChong (何太冲) - Mr. Iron Zither (鐵琴先生) He TaiCong is the current Chief of Kunlun School. He does not look particularly old age and has a sort of celestial holiness to his appearance. His expression was peaceful while also not lacking the solemn dignity the sect master of a famous Orthodox school.
  • Ban ShuXian (班淑娴) - She's the wife of He TaiCong. She was the martial arts sister of He TaiCong. Her martial arts skill is not lower than her husband. They made a formidable martial arts couple. She is an expert in the "Dual Swordplay" (正兩儀劍法).
  • Xi HuaZi (西华子)
  • Wei SiNiang (卫四娘) - Lightning Madame
  • Gao ZeCheng - The older martial brother of Jiang Tao. He and Jiang Tao went to Wangpan Island for the Dragon Saber meeting. He and his martial brother became retarded for an exchange to spare their lives by Xie Xun.
  • Jiang Tao - He and his older martial brother represented Kunlun School for the Dragon Saber meeting. Both were embarrassed by Bai GuiShou. He and Jiang Tao were thought to be rude and arrogant by the members of the Heavenly Eagle Cult. Neither of the Branch leaders of the Heavenly Eagle Cult gave them any respect at the Dragon Saber meeting.

Kongtong School

Located at PingLiang in Kongtong Mountain. It's also known as "First Mountain of Taoism under Heaven".

Huashan School (华山派)

School of Mount Hua is one of the 5 mountains martial art schools or alliance (五嶽劍派). It's located in the Shanxi province, west of Henan. It's considered as renowned and upright. Although the school a greatly Taoism influence however it does not follow a specific defined religious background.

  • XianYu Tong (鮮于通) - the current chief of Huashan School. He's also known as "The Shrewd Strategist" (神機子).
  • Xue GongYuan

Beggars Clan (丐幫)

The Beggars Clan is one of the largest, most famous and highly-recognized martial arts sects in the Wulin.

Minor sects

LongMen Escort Agency (Dragon Gate)

The only escort agency located in Lin'an. They were hired by Yin SuSu to bring back the injured Yu DaiYan back to Wudang.

  • Du DaiJin - He's the leader of the LongMen Escort Agency. He's a former Shaolin disciple who managed to open escort agency in Lin'an. He was paid 2000 taels of gold by YinSuSu to deliver the injured Wudang's Yu DaiYan.

Hon Mei (Red Plum Manor)

Lian Huan (Snow Hill Manor)

  • Wu Lie (武烈) - Patriarch of the Lian Huan or Snow Hill Manor. He is the descendant of Wu XieWen, an understudy of Guo Jing and martial art brother of Guo Xiang. His family martial art legacy is the Yi Yang Finger skill of the renowned Reverend Yi Deng.
  • Wei Bi (衛壁) - Understudy of Wu Lie and the martial art brother of Wu QingYing. He was killed by Wei YiXiao.

Haisha Pai

Wu Shan Clan

Jujing Bang

Shenquan Men

Clan of the Exquisite Fists (Divine Fist Clan)

  • Guo SanQuan - He is the leader of Clan of the Exquisite Fists. His name means "three fists" which derived by his amazing power of his fist. One fist can knock down a bull and most of martial artists could only last at most three fists with him. He was one of the invitee to the Dragon Saber meeting. He met his demise by Xie Xun upon exposing his travesty of killing Cui FeiYan, the wife of his relative.

Saber of Five Winds Sect

A small Sect located the Shan Xi region.

  • Old Master Wu - He is the leader of Saber of Five Winds Sect.
  • Meng ZhengHong - He was sent to the foot of Mount Wudang with the same mission as the Three Rivers Clan. His elder martial art brother was Xie Xun's victim.
  • Lady Wu - She is the second daughter of Old Master Wu. She's also the wife of Meng ZhengHong. Spoiled by nature and she's a controlling wife. During her plan to capture Zhang CuiShan, she was almost raped by a member of Three Rivers Clan. Luckily, she was rescued by 4th Hero of Wudang, Zhang SongXi which in turned foiled her plan.

Sea Sand Sect

The clan is famous for using poisonous salt and its members always carry it with them.

  • Yuan ChangBuo - He was the Chief leader of the Sea Sand Sect. Xie Xun exposed the killing of Sea Gate Clan's chief and unsolved murder of Zhang DengYun's family in the town of Yu Tao. He was killed by his own clan's poisonous salt forced down by Xie Xun at the Dragon Saber meeting.

Sea Gate Clan

  • Ouyang Qin - He was the leader of the Sea Gate Clan who was killed by Yuan ChangBuo of Sea San Clan.

Huge Whale Clan

One of the four known brutal water clans (pirates) in Central Plains. Members have no compassionate for people.

  • Mai Jing - He is the leader of Huge Whale Clan. He has amazing underwater skills. He was killed during the challenge with Xie Xun at Wangpan Shan Island.
  • Young Leader Mai - He's the son of Mai Jing. He was embarrassed by Chan JinPeng on the way to the Dragon Saber meeting. At the meeting, Xie Xun made him retarded in exchange for his life as a bargain with Zhang CuiShan.
  • Cai Si - A subordinate of Mai Jing attended the Dragon Saber meeting. He was killed by his own leader.
  • Hua QingShan - He was killed by his own leader upon exposed by Xie Xun regarding travesty of killing innocent passengers of seagoing ship.
  • HaiMa HuLiu - A third subordinate killed instantly by his own leader during the Dragon Saber meeting.

Witch Mountain Clan

  • Mei ShiJian - leader of Witch Mountain Clan whose son was one of the murder victims by Xie Xun during his killing spree to flash out Cheng Kun.
  • Old Man He - a senior member of the clan who uses black snake is called ‘Shadow Star’ , a very famous breed of poisonous snake as his weapon. He attempted to hostage Zhang WuJi to disclose whereabouts of Xie Xun. Four of his fingers were cut off by Yu LianZhou during the rescue attempt.

Lake Chao’s Grain-Boat Clan

Green Dragon Sect

A minor sect from the area of Northeast Central Plains known as Gao Li region. The members are specialized in judge’s brushes similar to Zhang CuiShan's weapon of choice. Their brush tips are in the shape of serpent heads. They also use different moves and pressure point techniques compared to brush users in the Central Plains. Due to the serpent head tip, their techniques are quite vicious.

  • Quan JianNan - He is the leader of Green Dragon Sect. He was asked by the leader of Three River Clan and even offered large amounts of gifts to capture both Yin SuSu and Yu LianZhou force Zhang CuiShan to reveal Xie Xun whereabouts.

Three Rivers Clan

Sacred Spear Ruling Eight Directions

A well known and a respectable sect located in KaiFeng City.

  • Tan RuiLai (谭瑞来) - The Chief of Sacred Spear Ruling Eight Directions. He had made a name for himself in the last 40 years in HuBei Province. He was soundly defeated by Yin WuShou a servant from Heavenly Eagle Cult twenty years earlier.

Tiger Den Escort Agency

An armed security escort company located in Jin Lian City. Their banner is embroidered with the head of a vivacious tiger, roaring fiercely towards the heavens while in a crouching position.

  • Qi TianBiao (祁天彪) - He is the head leader of Tiger Den Escort Agency. He was one of the three escort agencies that demanded to resolve the dispute regarding the Dragon Gate Escort Agency massacre.

Rising Sun Escort Agency (Jin Yang Escort Agency)

An armed security escort company located in Tai Yuan City. His escort agency's banner symbolized by the embroidered of a white crane soaring through the clouds.

  • Yun He (云鹤) - He's the leader of the Rising Sun Escort Agency. He joined Qi TianBao and Guan JiuJia to ask for recourse action regarding the massacre of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

Sparrow Cloud Escort Agency

An armed security escort company located in DaDu. His escort banner is depicted by nine sparrows embroidered with gold thread, incorporating the word “Sparrow” in “Sparrow Cloud Escort Agency” and the “Nine” in their head escort Guan JiuJia’s name.

  • Gong JiuJia (宫九佳) - He is the escort leader. He was among the three escort leaders demanded an answer regarding the massacre of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

Two Demons of Hejian Prefecture

Qing Hai Sect

Located in Far Western regions, the clan has a mysterious and exceptional martial arts. Xie Xun has a high respect for them.


  • Yellow Dressed Maiden (黃衫女子)




  • Jiu Yang Shen Gong - 九陽真經
  • Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi - 乾坤大挪移 - Heaven and Earth Great Reversal, it's passed down only to generations of Ming sect leaders. It's an internal energy that releases all of the inhibitors inside a person's body. It allows a person to use and exert all of the inner strength (Shen Gong) (神功) and control the Yin (陰) and Yang (陽) energy. So that one can be as a powerful as a giant at any moment. It redirects and reverses opponents' attacks through uncanny manipulation of energy streams within the body.

Strike / Palm

  • Wu Dang Mian Zhang
  • Tai Ji Quan - 太极拳 - 13 stances, The essence of this fist technique is 16 words -'Xu Ling Ding Jin, Han Xiong Ba Bei, Song Yao Chui Tun, Chen Jian Zhui Zhou'. It uses intention not strength. The form and spirit become one. The philosophy of softness overcoming hardness and using the void to resist the solid.
  • Jie Xin Zhang - 截心掌 - Heart Splitting Palm
  • Xuan Ming Shen Zhang - 玄冥神掌 - Mystical Darkness Divine Palms. The last known expert of this palm skill was Taoist Priest Bai Sun (Hundred Damages/Injuries Taoist Priest. It was assumed since his death 30 years prior that there would be no one left to master it until the Xuan Ming Elders. The word “Xuan” means dark and/or mysterious, while “Ming” also means something along the lines of dark, deep, underworld, or death. It's a cold poisonous palm strike.
  • Xiang Long Shiba Zhang (降龍十八掌) - The 18 Dragon Defeating Palms or the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms. It's a Yang energy based set of fist stances. It's not suitable for female fighters due the basic step involves spreading the executer legs apart to summon the energy.
  • Yin Shan Zhang - Yin Strike Palm, it's a common martial arts skill used by the Beggar Clan. The Beggar Clan elders used this skill against Xie Xun in the Snake Island to distract him during their encountered to seize the Dragon Saber. Granny Golden Flower assisted Xie Xun by revealing the movements of the stance.
  • Qishang Quan - Fists of the Seven Damages/Seven Fatal Fists
  • Yi Tian Tu Long Bifa - Heaven and Earth Technique. It's a palm strike martial skill created by Zhang SanFeng and imparted to only Zhang CuiShan. The stroke style is based on calligraphy of century old phrase in the martial world regarding the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. Zhang SanFeng combined the 24 characters phrase into a single powerful martial art style. Each of the character contained multiple moves, with even more variations. There 215 variations within the 24 characters stroke. The 24 characters phrase is as followed, "Martial world’s most venerable, Prized Saber Dragon slaying, Controlling all under Heaven, None dares to not follow, Power of heaven not appear, who can possibly compete".
  • Piao Lian Chuan Yun Zhang (飘雪穿云掌) - Snowing Mist Penetrating Palm, it's one of Emei's a Ying energy based very fast palm strike attacking opponent in a three consecutive attacks. Understudy must be under direct guidance of Priestess FengLing.
  • Ban Ruo Jin Gang Zhang (金刚般若掌) - Diamond Vajra Palm, a Western region Shaolin's palm skill. It was used by the Shaolin's impostor KongXiang against Zhang SanFeng.
  • Han Bing Mian Zhang (的寒冰绵掌) - Icy Cold Cotton Palm - Green Winged Bat King Wei YiXiao's strike skill. He suffered injury due to the training of this palm skill which made him to consume warm human blood to suppress the cold venom.
  • Jin Gang Fu Mo Shen Tong (金刚伏魔神通)- Vajra Taming Demon Divinity, an orthodox Buddhist martial skills from Shaolin's Western region. It's an extremely powerful external skill. It was used by A-San to fight with Zhang WuJi.
  • Diamond Invulnerable Body Art - used by KongJian the Divine Monk to withstand Xie Xun's 13 strikes


  • Jiu Yin Bai Gu Zhao - 9 Yin White Bone Claws
  • Hu Zhua Jue Hu Shou (虎爪绝户手) - Tiger Claws Ceasing Blood Lines Hand - invented by Yu LianZhou modified from a very powerful grappling technique within the Wudang called the Tiger Claws. The original Tiger Claws would be used to clamp down the opponent, however if the opponent's were advanced enough, he will be able to struggle free using their powerful energy reservoir. Therefore it will likely end up being a competition of inner energies. So, Yu LianZhou created twelve new stances focusing on attack the groin and castrating the opponent. Zhang SanFeng forewarned his disciples not to use this skill lightly and can only be used in the matter of life and death situation because this skill possibly ending a whole family's lineage of the opponent. He added the words "Ceasing Blood Lines" after the word "Tiger Claws" in order to remind his disciples.
  • Hu Zhua (虎爪) - Tiger Claws - a powerful grappling technique created by Zhang SanFeng.



  • Tai Ji Jian - 太极剑法- (Wudang's) It's comprised of all sorts of circles. It was really made up of only one stance but there was no limit to its uses. The forms were designed around the use a functional energy of the day, being of appropriate weight, balance, sharpness and resilience to be effective in armed combat.
  • Wudang's Thirteen Divine Gate Swords (神門十三劍) - This ‘Thirteen Divine Gate Swords’ has a total of thirteen stances. Each one different from another, but all aimed at the opponent’s ‘Divine Gate’ Point. Zhang SanFeng invented this sword art.
  • Mie Jian (灭剑) - (Emei's)Sword of Extermination - One of the two unique sword skill created by Priestess MieJue. A superb lethal and vicious attack sword style. It requires direct intervention by Priestess MieJue to learn this skill.
  • Jue Jian (绝剑) - (Emei's)Sword of Non-Compromise/Absolute - The second of the two unique sword skill created by Priestess MieJue. It's a deadly sword style meant for a kill. It should not be used sporadically to avoid killing innocent foe. It's a sword style that requires strength and endurance. The style attacks five different opponent's weaknesses. It depends heavily on internal strength and requires direct instruction by Priestess MieJue.
  • Luo Ying Fa Jian (落英剑法) - The Descending Flower Swordsmanship was derived from Huang YaoShi's Divine Descending Flower Sword Palms. Although this swordsmanship is not as refined and excellent as the "Jade Flute Swordsmanship", it was still a special technique from the Peach Blossom Island. The swordsmanship looks like dancing and flowers descending from the sky.
  • Liang Yi Jian Fa (兩儀劍法) - Kunlun Sect's Heaven Earth Swordmanship.


  • Da Gou Bang Fa (打狗棒法) - Dog Beating Stick Technique. A set of thirty-six staff stances, this skill set is proof of leadership of the Beggar Clan.
  • Shi Zi Hou (狮子吼) - Roar of the Lion. An extremely high-level martial art skill using internal energy. It could be used to frighten or to show respect.
  • Zhen Wu Qi Ji Zhen (真武七截阵) - Zhen Wu's Seven Spheres Formation. These seven different forms of martial arts when executed separately is of course each an embodiment of brilliance and exquisiteness in their own right, but if two people combine their efforts, the brothers can support and facilitate each other by simultaneously fostering their attacks while maintaining their defenses, causing their power to be increased even further. If three people simultaneously executed their moves, their power would be double that of the combined effort of two individuals. The power of four people would equal to that of eight first rate fighters while five people amounts to the force of sixteen fighters and six fighters will be equivalent to thirty-two fighters. By the time they can gather the efforts of seven fighters simultaneously, it would be analogous to having the collective force of sixty-four of the present era’s first-rate fighters attacking all at once.