Han XiaoYing

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The first time Qiu ChuJi met Han XiaoYing at the Pavilion of the Drunken Immortal, Han XiaoYing was about 17 or 18 years old. Han XiaoYing was a very attractive with a slender body, big eyes, long eye-lashes, and snow white skin. She was from south of the YangTze. Han XiaoYing was the only female and the youngest of the Seven Freaks of JiangNan. She was highly skilled in Qing Gong (lightness kungfu) and swordplay.


  • Family name: Han (韓)
  • Given name: XiaoYing (小瑩)
  • Nickname: Yue Maiden Sword (越女剑) (Pinyin: yuè nǚ jiàn)
  • Gender: Female
  • Disciple: Guo Jing
  • Sibling: 1st cousin of Han BaoJu on her father's side
  • Love interest: Zhang A'Sheng
  • Weapon: Sword

Han XiaoYing's Martial Arts

  • Yue Maiden Swordplay (越女剑), including a stance called "The Phoenix nods the head"