Beggars Clan

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丐帮 - Beggars' Clan

As its name suggests, the members are mostly beggars but there are also non-beggars as well. They are noticeable by the public for dressing and behaving like ordinary beggars. The members are characterized by their strict code of conduct and respect for ranks. They uphold justice and help the poor. They also defend their nation and race from foreign invasion as well.

The sect has a wide communication network and its members are reputed for having excellent information-gathering skills. These are attributed to the sect's large population size, the nature of members which allow them to blend in easily and the organizational structure.

  • Founded :
  • Location : All over the country
  • Characteristics: An association of ubiquitous beggars whose strength lie in their ubiquitousness, providing a wide network of informers, mass deployment of crowds. Seniority marked by number of pouches a beggar may wear as a badge of office. Despite their poverty, there is a clear and strict organization and hierarchy, as well as rigid code of honor. Always included as one of the top five sects in the Martial Arts World or Wulin.