Beggars Clan

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As its name suggests, the members of the Beggars Clan (丐帮) are mostly beggars but there are also non-beggars as well. They are noticeable by the public for dressing and behaving like ordinary beggars. The members of the Beggar Clan are people from poverty. The members are characterized by their strict code of conduct and respect for ranks. They uphold justice and help the poor. They also defend their nation and race from foreign invasion as well.

The clan has a wide communication network and its members are reputed for having excellent information-gathering skills. These are attributed to the clan's large population size, the nature of members which allow them to blend in easily and the organizational structure. One of the unique accordance to the Beggar Clan rules and regulations, no matter how large and important or small a meeting, Beggars Clan members could not lose their identity by sitting on chairs.

  • Founded : During Han Dynasty
  • Location : All over the country
  • Characteristics: An association of ubiquitous beggars whose strength lie in their ubiquitousness, providing a wide network of informers, mass deployment of crowds. Seniority marked by number of pouches a beggar may wear as a badge of office. Despite their poverty, there is a clear and strict organization and hierarchy, as well as rigid code of honor. Always included as one of the top five sects in the Martial Arts World or Wulin.


The Beggars Clan is divided into two factions, namely the "dirty clothing" faction (污衣派) and the "clean clothing" faction (淨衣派). The "dirty clothing" faction is dominated by beggars while the "clean-clothing" is dominated by non-beggars. It has many headquarters (分舵) spread throughout the Central Plain and each of them is headed by a headquarter master (舵主). The clan holds monthly meetings to discuss their plans in the Jiang Hu at different locations every meeting.

The highly-revered Dog Beating Stick (打狗棒) and wine gourd has been the trademark of the Beggars Clan leader. It's like the golden seal of the emperor to symbolize the authority and position as clan leader. There are altogether 9 ranks in the Beggars Clan, excluding the lowest and the clan leader. Each level is denoted by a pouch-like "bag" (袋子) attached to the torn and tattered shirt indicates his/her rank in the clan. The most senior rank has 9 bags which they are called Elder (長老) and they are only second to the clan leader. One of some outlandish practices and customs of the Beggar Clan is the ceremonial of the clan members to spit on the new elected clan leader as a mark of respect.

The Four Great Elders serve as the chief's deputies and reserve with the right to remove the chief from power if he fails in his duties. Within these Four Great Elders, there are elders with designated duties. A Discipline Affairs Elder (執法長老) enforces law and order in the clan. The Training Elder (傳功長老) oversees the martial arts training of members.

Martial Arts

The martial arts of the Beggars Clan are very diversified due to the nature and origin of the members. The members of the clan are not only limited to beggars, people from all walks of life join the clan as well, including scholars and military officers. As such, the martial arts of the clan are rather diverse as well, since some of the members know other forms of martial arts prior to joining the Beggars Clan. A typical member of the clan is usually armed with at least a wooden staff.

  • Da Gou Bang Fa (打狗棒) - The Dog Beating Stick Style is only passed on from the clan leader to his/her successor. No other member, not including the elders, know the Dog Beating Staff Style.
  • Xiang Long Shiba Zhang (降龍十八掌) - 18 Dragon Subduing Palm is one of the most notable martial arts of the Beggars Clan.
  • Dog-Beating Formation (打狗陣) - The Beggars Clan battle formation.

The Beggar Clan leader is expected to have a profound mastery of both Dog Beating Stick Style and 18 Dragon Subduing Palm skills.