Wei YiXiao

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Wei YiXiao – the Green Winged Bat King (青翼蝠王) of the Ming Cult's Four Great Protection Lords. His prowess in Qing Gong is unmatched in Wulin. He infected himself with an icy venom during a practice session with Han Bing Mian Zhang (的寒冰绵掌) - Icy Cold Cotton Palm which went horribly wrong. Since then, he has to suck the warm blood of human beings (and sometimes animals) to keep the icy venom in his body under control. Zhang WuJi helps him get rid of the icy venom later at the hidden caves of Guangming Peak.


  • Family name: Wei(韋)
  • Given name: YiXiao (一笑)
  • Nickname: Green Winged Bat King (青翼蝠王)
  • Gender: Male
  • Disciple:
  • Sibling:
  • Weapon:

Wei YiXiao's Martial Arts

  • Han Bing Mian Zhang (的寒冰绵掌) - Icy Cold Cotton Palm