The Return of the Condor Heroes

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The Return of the Condor Heroes (simplified Chinese: 神雕侠侣; traditional Chinese: 神鵰俠侶; pinyin: Shén Diāo Xiá Lǚ; Jyutping: San4 Diu1 Haap6 Leoi5) is a classic Wuxia novel by Louis Cha. The second part of the trilogy. Set around twenty years after the Legend of the Condor Heroes, the Mongolian hordes are invading China; Guo Jing and his wife, Huang Rong, are desperately trying to save the city of XiangYang from falling to the Mongolians. Although Guo Jing and his wife are featured prominently in the novel, the real hero of the book is Yang Guo, the orphaned son of Yang Kang (sworn brother/enemy of Guo Jing). Yang Guo has had a troubled upbringing, and is more of a rebel of the traditional themes. He meets a beautiful young woman called Little Dragon Girl, who teaches him martial arts. Later they fell in love, but due to fateful circumstances, they have to wait another sixteen years to be finally together.

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The Return of the Condor Heroes
3rd edition of ROCH
3rd edition cover page
Book Information
Author Jin Yong (金庸)
Original Title Shen Diao Xia Lu (神雕侠侣)
Publication Date May 20, 1959
Media Type Hardcover
Country Hong Kong
Publisher Ming Pao
Chapters 40
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  1. 风月无情 Loveless Atmosphere Under the Moon
  2. 故人之子 A Friend's Son
  3. 求师终南 Seeking Tutelage at Mt. Zhongnan
  4. 全真门下 Under Quan Zhen Gate
  5. 活死人墓 Tomb of the Living Dead
  6. 玉女心经 The Jade Heart Manual
  7. 重阳遗刻 Chong Yang's Markings
  8. 白衣少女 The Girl in White
  9. 百计避敌 A Hundred Ideas to Avoid the Enemy
  10. 少年英侠 The Young Hero
  11. 百计避敌 A Pause from Roaming
  12. 英雄大宴 The Feast of Heroes
  13. 武林盟主 The Chancellor of Wulin
  14. 礼教大防 Defending Against Custom and Tradition
  15. 东邪门人 The Eastern Heretic's Disciples
  16. 杀父深仇 Avenging a Father's Death
  17. 绝情幽谷 The Secluded Passionless Valley
  18. 公孙谷主 Valley Master Gong Sun
  19. 地底老妇 The Old Woman Underground
  20. 侠之大者 Imperative of a Hero
  21. 襄阳鏖兵 Fierce Fighting at Xiang Yang
  22. 危城女婴 The Baby Girl of the City in Danger
  23. 手足情仇 Sibling Rivalry
  24. 意乱情迷 Turbulent Emotions
  25. 内忧外患 Domestic Strife, Foreign Aggression
  26. 神雕重剑 Divine Eagle's Heavy Sword
  27. 斗智斗力 Fighting Strength with Wisdom
  28. 洞房花烛 Wedding Festivities
  29. 劫难重重 Ultimate Disasters
  30. 离合无常 Strange Encounters
  31. 半枚灵丹 The Other Half of the Antidote
  32. 情是何物 What is Sentiment
  33. 风陵夜话 Wind Mausoleum Night of Speech
  34. 排难解纷 Settling Disputes
  35. 三枚金针 Three Jin Zhen
  36. 献礼祝寿 Offering a Gift for Birthday Celebrations
  37. 三世恩怨 Three Gratitudes and Grudges
  38. 生死茫茫 Boundless Life and Death
  39. 大战襄阳 Fighting at Xiang Yang
  40. 华山之巅 The Summit of Huashan