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Qi permeates our world which is the force that brings life to all beings. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature and the environment and it cannot be made or manufactured artificially. It is essentially a body of energy that circulates and permeates the world we live in. Qi is the life force or the invisible force that shapes nurtures and governs all living beings. From the peak of the highest mountains to the depth of the deepest oceans, the flow of the rivers to the undulating ridges of the land, and from the bustling cities to the quaint little corners of the street - Qi permeates our world.

The life energy that flows through all living things (vital energy), humans have a network of lines of Qi (氣) that run through their body carrying Yin (陰) and Yang (陽) energy. If these lines of energy are disrupted or altered, they can cause physical effects (which is what Acupuncture and Pressure Points Techniques or Acupoint do). Also called "Ki", which is the Japanese writing of the word.